How To Promote Books

How can I write a book successfully. How to promote. I’m a late teen.

how to promote my face book page. some one tell me how i can promote my page?

Promote your page easy!1.) Find someone who is doing a Link Us Scheme, agree to link there website in return they link yours.2.) Make a website advertising the page3.) Get listed in Google Search Engine: Make posters banners and buisness cards in Publisher spread the word.5.) Good Luck!

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How do I promote my book.

Please help. No one is buying it. How do I promote it better?

That’s a great question with a complex answer. I am currently working with a doctor who has written a great book on living a long and healthy life. He has created a web page and done many of the standard publicity items, including being listed on and paying for Google Adwords.My focus of this article will be how to promote your book using the web since it is the largest medium in which to communicate with prospective buyers.The first place I start in many cases is the website. In this case: design is not my primary concern, although that does reflect the quality of your product, but my first concern is how well the site has been key worded. Many web developers will set meta tags, which are hidden site descriptions or words describing your site that some search engines will use when indexing a site. Meta tags alone will not get you very far. Therefore, it is important to find a few keywords that you want to focus on. Also, the site name can also make a great impact on its visibility on the web.In my case promoting, “Dr. Rick’s Guide to a Healthy Life”, is a bit of a challenge because the URL does not have a direct relationship to its content. A very rudimentary and short synopsis of Dr. Rick’s Guide to a Healthy Life might be the following:This book is an excellent resource for understanding how to live a long and healthy life by bringing your attention to numerous studies concerning the 10 leading causes of death. Dr. Rick places actual numbers on deaths that could be avoided each year through lifestyle changes. His astonishing presentation is met with a simplicity that even younger readers are able to digest. It would be a great resource for schools, universities and health professionals. In many cases, doctors may find this resource to be a great reading material for their patients.So, how do I narrow this down to 3 to 4 words to key off of? Ask yourself the following:Who is most likely to buy this book?If searching for my product, what are the prospective buyers most likely to enter into a search?What words clearly describe this book?Here are a few potential key words:LivingLifeDeathLong LifeHealthy LifeCauses of DeathQuality of LifeLiving LongerMedical DoctorMedical ResearchHealth ProfessionalsRick SelvaggiHealth ResourceReflecting on these key words we see that living, life and longer are repeated most often. This is going to make it a challenge because there is not much in the way of uniqueness about any of these words. That means more competition in not only books but unrelated items such as pills that promise to help you live a longer life or maybe even yoga classes that do the same.When someone is searching to buy a book or find information about living longer or avoiding premature death how might they search?How can I live longer?What must I do to live a longer life?How can I extend my life?What are the leading causes of death?Okay, now to put things together. Why would we go through all of this? Because, you can select 3 or 4 words to key off of in your site and then select supporting key words to drive in quality site views. You want to avoid spending time, money or resources to increase traffic by consumers that have no desire to purchase the product and quickly click away from your site.How to Key Off of Your Selected Key Words1.Use them in your page title. Do not title your site, Home Page. In this example we would not want to say, Dr. Rick’s Guide because we are missing a valuable opportunity to key off of living a longer life. So the new title would be: Living a Longer Life: Dr. Rick’s Guide to a Long Healthy Life. Don’t worry, the title may seem lengthy but it describes your site content and provides great search engine availability. It also will be displayed as the link to your site in many search engines.2.Use (header) tags for the page name in each page of your site. Good web developers know how to utilize header tags to display key words but sometimes in a way that is visible to search engines but not site visitors. For more information, check out creating cascading style sheets. Many search engines see these tags as a good indication of what your page is about.3.If appropriate, bold or emphasize key words within your web document. Many search engines give greater weight to bold and emphasized (italicized but using the tag)4.Use your keywords in everything not visible. Name your images using your key words. I may have a spacer image that is not visible at all but I could label it, living_longer_spacer.gif or a logo might be called, living_longer_life_logo.jpg rather than calling your logo, logo.jpg.Supported Key Words1.Make sure to include your supported key words in your meta tags.2.Creating a frequently asked questions page where you can create questions using headers that ask questions that pertain to your product is a good way of keying with supportive keywords and including different potential search phrases.Finally, increase your credibility by finding ways to externally link to your site. You want to appear as an authoritative site to a search engine. One of the ways you can do this is to link to other sites and more importantly find ways to have other sites link to yours. This can be done through directory listings, local chamber of commerce sites, clubs groups, blogs and even sites like eBay. Many eBay users that are good with marketing find a way to use their eBay listings as traffic directors to increase visibility.I hope these little tips and tricks were helpful.Thanks,JoeWeb Developer/DesignerLuminous Productions

How to promote Free e-books.

I am currently running a free promotion with Amazon. Do you have any ideas or tips for ways to increase downloads/sales?Here is a link:

Start a Facebook page. Take advantage of Twitter. Find some links to blogs that post about freebies or frugal living, and send your info. to those blogs for them to promote and or review. Good luck!

How to promote your book and be successful with book sales..

Write and publish another book. Then a third for good measure. Most of the evidence I’ve seen suggests that it’s not worth spending much time or money on promoting your books until you have at least three of them for sale.

How to promote and sell books online.

Hi everybody, I’m helping to promote and sell the book my grandfather wrote. I have thought about e-bay, but I suppose there could be a better way. Are there any suggestions? Thank you. 🙂

If your grandfather sold to book to a legit publishing house, then he can ask his editor about promotion.Ebay is useless. I’ve tried to sell some of my books there, but the profits are eaten up by their fees.If he took his book to PublishAmerica, his book is going to be too high priced for anyone to want to buy it. They have no distribution and the stigma of being the worst scam operation in publishing. (Sorry!) Just Google their name + “scam” to read the horror stories.If he is self-published–which is better than PA!–he can have a website with the book’s opening chapters posted, with links to places where people can buy the book.The problem with self-pubs is they also have no distribution and won’t be in bookstores, so he can’t do signings.I REALLY hope he’s not with PA. They wave the flag, praise Jesus, and ever week urge writers to buy overpriced copies of their own books. (Which tend to fall apart.) They have a shameless policy of preying on older people and those who don’t know how publishing really works. Their website is highly misleading to the inexperienced.This writer’s board will have better promotional ideas you can check out:’s free and run by pros.Good luck!

Where do you learn how to promote your published book.

I have always heard that if your book happens to be accepted and printed by a publisher and then you have to promote it; where do you get help to do that if you know nothing about the business? Do you have to take that money out of your own pocket to market it?

If a publisher invested in your book, it’s in their best interest to make a profit from it by doing the promotions.That is why it’s extremely difficult to get your work accepted for publication. Judging by the quality of some of the best sellers out there, they are more interested in their bottom line than in quality.Of course, not all books are promoted equally.If you self publish, which a lot of writers today are doing, you will have to do most of the promoting yourself.

How can I find someone to promote my book.

I’m a published author but being my first time I am finding it difficult to find someone to promote and sell my book,”NEWTON’S LAW 2060-The point of no return”, here in Australia. Everyone who contacts me about being my literary agent wants money up front. This is difficult until I sell a few…

If your work is already published, then you don’t need a literary agent. I would suggest you make a website to showcase your work. Try here you can create a website free, you may need to act as a business or make up a name for you web presence, but this will allow you to promote your own book. Also create a signature line for your outgoing emails, and if you have any contacts listed, casually email them regarding your work. You may also contact your local news paper and radio to set up an interview with you concerning your book. Bear in mind, you have got to obtain recognition for yourself and your book. If I can help further please contact me at go to contact form and leave a message. Hope this helps.

How to promote my book.

Im new to this publishing gig and i want to know what can i do to promote my book to get it out there…it’s a really good book, but i don’t know how to attract ppl to read it

Online reviews and blog tours are the least expensive way to promote your book, but they can be time consuming.You’ll need to research online sites who review books in your sub-genre. Offer to send the site owner a free copy of your book for review. If the site is a blog dedicated to readers and writers in your sub-genre, you can contact the owner about making a guest appearance. Be sure to offer a copy of your book as a ‘prize’ to one person who comments on your post. I recommend you try to set up at least ten such guest blog appearances in a short span (about 2–3 weeks) in order to build up buzz about your book.Using social networks like FaceBook, My Space, and Twitter is another good way to reach potential readers without spending a lot of money. Again, offer friends and followers something other than a hard sell “buy my book” approach every day. Be friendly and upbeat. It takes time, but eventually will pay off.Finally, be sure you have a website where people can read about your book(s) and include links on where they can purchase them.Best of luck. Promotion is difficult and time consuming but is all part of a successful publishing career.

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  1. Your publisher has a vested interest in this, no sales means a loss of revenue, they may give you some promotional money or personnel. Go to book stores offering free copies of your book. Plaster posters in grocery stores, and lastly give a free copy to everyone you know, word of mouth is the best means of advertising.

  2. You write a book successfully by putting time into it, coming up with good story and dialog, and proofreading and editing it about a dozen times. Develop your skills in writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence mechanics. Also ask someone else who’s knowledgeable about all that to proofread it for you, not only for writing mistakes but also for input on the story, inconsistencies in the details, and so on. (If all you get is “I like it” or “I don’t like it”, find someone else who actually gives enough of a sh!t to provide some useful feedback.)

  3. BTW, your age is irrelevant. Whether you’re a late teen, a preteen, middle aged, or in your 80s, you can write and promote a book.

  4. advertising it is the best way to promote anything…do you have an web page? or at least paying an advertising in any web…tv….news paper…ebay…..or maybe here you should have take advantage and say something about it …open a Blog in yahoo 360 and talk about your book promote it there…go in in any web page that you can have it for free and advertise your book try other countries …you must be positive going to chat rooms and there;s sites you can open your own chat room and you can name it with your book name ….use your imagination

  5. Then choose your 5 days where Amazon will promote your book.In the meanwhile promote and submit your book on all sites listed at BookPraiser.comThey have a good list of sites who offer free promotion

  6. If you’ve been self- or POD-published, there are plenty of things you can do to publicize your work. Of course, most of the better ideas will cost you some money, but if you’re looking to pinch some pennies you might consider sites like this a good starter. Simply mention your book enough and the word will slowly start to spread. Also, if you get a chance to attend writers’ conferences, keep an eye out for opportunities to listen in on a professional publicist speaking. There might also be some useful tips for self-marketing on POD and self-publishing websites.

  7. I’m just going to say that if you can’t phrase a simple question without sounding like you learned English 12 seconds ago, you’re not ready to write a book.

  8. Do you have a website for the book? (That may sound silly, but it’s amazing how many people don’t have one!) Have you tried to get coverage from local media? Contacted reviewers? Met with relevant organisations that are related to your book’s content? Arranged with your publisher to do a book signing at local/trade show bookstores?-Cook

  9. I saw something on the barnes and noble website that pretty soon they were going to start publishing e books. check them out.

  10. They earn money from it after all – they’ll want to “push” the selling of your book so that they earn as well.

  11. They have a huge list of sites where authors can submit their books for free. If you dont want to spend any time on this you can have them do it for you.

  12. I would definetely submit and promote my book on sites listed at BookPraiser.cominvite people to it and Make a Ad

  13. i searched for your page and did the link and coludnt find it… but if you want to promote it (i think it costs money) you just hit the promote page with ad thing under the profile picture on your page’s wall

  14. When you say promote it, are you looking to sell it or just to get readers? If you’re looking for readers you can promote it anywhere. There are also websites specifically dedicated to writing where you can upload your book, but I don’t personally know or use them. If you want to sell it you can go through a small publishing house like Sofa Wolf Press, or sell it on Amazon as an e-book, and I think even Etsy lets you sell books which they will print and send to the buyer on demand (not positive on that one; I do remember there’s a website that does that but I can’t remember for sure if it’s Etsy or not).

  15. Ways that I apply are as social networks are Facebook, Twitter, etc. but also in the forums and if you have a web necessity there can be best

  16. Your publisher should help you with this process. You can put out press releases, do radio appearances, contact local bookstores to set up signings….create bookmarks, and business cards and get people talking about it. Local papers love to write articles about local authors. Start with small bookstores in your neighborhood. Enlist the help of friends by throwing a book signing party to get your book in the hands of some supportive people. Check and see some of the services they have available to help authors promote.

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