How To Add Downloaded Books To Kindle

How do you add the books you have on Kindle to another device.

Like from your Kindle to a kindle acct. on your smartphone or the Kindle Fire??

On the Amazon site you can go to manage my kindle.Log in & you should see all the devices and You should be able to send it to whatever app you would like. On the Fire, you have to download it from the carousel or the cloud by tapping on the cover picture.

How can u add books to it only wireless to add books or thru usb.

You download books wirelessly from Amazon. When you buy the book, you click on the button and it will immediately deliver it wirelessly to your Kindle as soon as you turn it on. If you download books from other sources, like, you connect the Kindle with the USB cable and then copy the files to the Documents folder. You can also copy mp3 files to it this way. Toddlers books online

How do I download Kindle Books to my HTC Incredible II.

I have 950 books in a Kindle file that I’ve tried twice to download on to my HTC Incredible II, so I can read the on the Amazon Kindle app on my phone. But the App isn’t recognizing them. Anyone have a solution?

If your HTC is registered as a device on, they should be available automatically. Go to, your account, your apps and devices and add your HTC device.

How to download Amazon Kindle Cloud Drive e-book onto Mac.

I downloaded an e-book on Amazon and it added it to my Amazon Kindle Cloud Drive … which is very annoying. I prefer to use iBooks—which has all my other books—but I can’t see of any way to download this e-book onto my Mac. Any help would be appreciated — I’ve been looking online for about 40 minutes and…

You can’t download it into iBooks since it’s in an incompatible file format. You can download the Kindle for Mac app from and read the book in it, but that’s it.

How Do I Add Books To iPhone.

I Have Some Real Books (Paperback) is there any way i can put them inside my iphone without paying cause i already have it in paperback. i checked in ibooks and the book i have is there. Book: World War Z

Unless you copy the entire book word-for-word and save it on your phone, I don’t think it’s possible to put a real book on your iPhone. I use the Kindle app. Any books I purchase on go directly to my Kindle, or if you don’t own a kindle, you can just have the books downloaded to your kindle app. It’s a real fun and easy application. All you have to do is download the books from amazon on your iPod/iPhone and you can read them ANYWHERE without needing access to WiFi.

download books to kindle.

Other then, is there any other stores or something like that online where to download books to my kindle.

you can google “[name of book you want] ebook download” or something along those lines and you can normally find one for free. i have a nook so im not sure how to add files to a kindle, but there is a way to put them on there!

How do I sync downloaded books to my Kindle.

I have a disc with books on it that I’d like to synchronize to my Kindle.How can I do this?

Use calibre software. Its the ultimate tool for managing eBooks , editing metadata, adding covers and stuff. It is very easy to use and recognizes each and every eBook reader whether its a nook or a kindle. You can sync everything very easily. Works like a dream 🙂

how to download books for kindle or nook.

I’m going to be purchasing some e-reader soon(most likely the kindle) but before i do i was wondering if there was someway to download books from some other source for cheaper than normal? kinda like some sort of napster for e-readers? I like to read books but don’t really know if i would want to pay $10…

First off, as an author I am going to try to put away from sadness that you are looking for a way to steal someone’s hard work and give you some options where you can get cheaper books without making the 12 hours of work a day an author puts into their hard earned finished products be all in vain. (stepping off soapbox now to give some practical advice :)1st-if you get a Kindle, which I have and highly recommend, Amazon offers a ton of free and discounted books (legit I might add) The following link will take you to Amazon Kindle’s bestsellers, if you notice, the column on the left is paid books ( many as cheap as 99cents) and on the right is the free column: you are an avid reader, consider becoming a “professional reader” by starting a book review blog or something of the sort, and you can have access to digital Advanced Reader Copies. My favorite website for this is However, you must be a responsible reader and prove yourself before they dish out a ton of books to you. I’ve cultivated a relationship with the publishers on that site and I have over a hundred books waiting in my queue, all free.3rd-The library is really embracing ebooks. As far as i know, you can check out ebooks at the library which stay on your Kindle for 2 weeksPlease, I implore you, find legitimate ways to get your books. You have no idea how much work goes into writing a book. There are plenty of ways to get them at reduced prices, or even free. If you are interested in starting book blog, please feel free to take a look at mine. I have all the free books I want 🙂 http://www.thebookbuff.blogspot.comP.S. I highly recommend the Kindle over any other e-readers. The colored readers are very bad for your eyes, and since the Kindle is an Amazon product, the books are cheaper than say the Barnes and Noble Nook.

How do you put books on a kindle.

I have the original kindle and i want to know how to add books to it. (i download a book off of gutenberg). Please help!

I have the Kindle 3 and what I do is Email the books to the Kindle Address.My kindle address would be say [email protected] yours would be what ever you set up.Just use the address you set up your kindle under, then open a new email, attach the book, and send it to the Kindle address.or connect with a Usb and use Calibre a free program to covert and load.

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  1. I have 2 sony readers and use and who have lots of free books and they are legal. I find downloading easy for the Sony. My 505 version came with 100 free books and my touch came with Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol for free, the deal changes so look at what is on offer now.

  2. Most public libraries use OverDrive Media for their e-book collection and it lists directly on its website which devices are incompatible:

  3. I’d read a booklet but I want silence and I watch television for Big Bang theory family man spongebob comedy or movies in general toss me a good e book and I’ll read it

  4. upload OR VIEW a clean touch TO YAHOO MAIL: a million. click Contacts to open your handle e book on the left. be affected person regardless of the actuality that, it takes some seconds to load. 2. click the upload touch tab on the best suited good. 3. Fill out the style that opens. 4. bypass to the best suited good and click the yellow keep button. EDIT CONTACTS: alongside mutually with your handle e book open on the left, click on the “call” of the touch you go with to edit. seem to the best suited and click on the modern yellow Edit button. Make your variations indoors the style that opens, then click the yellow keep button, good good. DELETE CONTACTS IN YAHOO: a million. click Contacts to open your handle e book on the left. 2. make specific the sphere next to the call you go with to delete. 3. click the little blue Delete button on the best suited. you will choose to do this with each touch. handle e book FOR EMAILING IN YAHOO: a million. click on the modern or forward tab to open the Compose internet internet site. 2. click on “TO” and your handle e book will open on good of the internet internet site you’re in. 3. make specific the boxes (TO, Cc or Bcc) next to those you go with to supply or forward to. be wakeful: to guard your acquaintances protection and privateness, enter the names you go with to conceal indoors the Bcc field. (they could no longer see distinctive names). 4. bypass to the best suited or backside of the record and click on “Insert Checked Contacts.” The handle e book will close and the names you chosen would be indoors the fields you chosen. you’re waiting to Compose or forward your message. click supply.

  5. Most publishers and authors sell ebooks in Kindle format. You can also download public domain ebooks (anything published before 1923 is in the public domain, which means it’s legal to download for free) from and You’ll want them in Kindle, .mobi or .azw format.

  6. First, if you are in a country that supports the Kindle Cloud reader, just search for Kindle Cloud Reader, click the link.

  7. Desde libros de acción de misterio, libros para niños y para adultos, en papel o en formato Kindle, todo los he encontrado y comprado de aquí, lo último que compre fue un buen libro de cocina en mi Kindle, nada más fácil, he encontrado el libro perfecto, muy bien hecho y fácil de leer, con este libro me han salido unos pasteles deliciosas porque las recetas son fáciles y muy bien presentadas en este libro.

  8. You put the kindle on top of the other device. Get it, now the books are on the new device. haha i know that im not really funny but i just cant help myself sometimed

  9. I have to point out that the Kindle can’t use library e-books because of the DRM embedded in each book from Adobe that allows the file to be accessed for no more than 2 weeks. It’s an issue between Amazon and Adobe and until it is resolved a public library’s e-books can be read on almost any device other than the Kindle.

  10. I received two books from an author free, and she told me I could download them,but I don t know how to download them. Can you help me?

  11. As long as the books are in pdf or mobi format, all you have to do is connect the Kindle via USB and copy the files into the Documents directory.

  12. Register it to your Amazon account. Then in the “All” aka “Cloud” tab of the reader, click the ebook you bought.

  13. EDIT: Amazon does not necessarily have lower prices on all of their e-books. I did a comparison between the Sony Reader store and Amazon for the Dresden Files, Scott Westerfeld’s Leviathan, and Kathryn Stockett’s The Help. The prices were identical.

  14. ORNote – if it is a textbook, most textbook publishers put a limit of 1 or 2 simultaneous downloads and the Cloud Reader counts as one.

  15. I always just buy my books straight from Amazon on the Kindle, but have you simply tried hooking your Kindle to your computer? And then maybe dragging the book into it like you would a back up hard drive?

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