Best Books On How To Save Money

How to budget money better.

I am trying to learn how to budget money better, but i really don’t know how most of the time i just wont spend any thing. but i need to learn how to effectively use my money. i am trying to build a cup some time in the new year also trying to save up for a used car and i need to learn how to buy healthy food/...

You need to save first — you’ll never save anything if you try to save the leftovers. Save 10% of your income on payday — reserve a few grand in savings for emergencies, and direct any surplus to investments. This way, you’ll always have a few grand sitting there for emergencies, like writing off your car or getting sick and not being able to work, but the rest of your savings will be earning you more money.You can go see a financial planner at your local bank, who, for a commission, will set up a mutual fund investment for you — you can put money into this each month from savings by direct debit.If you save 10% and accustom yourself to living on only 90% of your income, you will find your spending will adjust.Have a few meat free days a week, and take your lunch from home — this saves hundreds of dollars a year. See if you can get a cheap deal on your insurance, phone, and utilities — I check fairly regularly and have no loyalty. If it saves me money, I switch.Managing your money like a legend is not really hard, you just have to follow a few simple rules — save first, have money in reserve for emergencies, and don’t use borrowed money for buying things that go down in value. You should have a rough idea of where your money is going — do a simple spending diary and keep your receipts for a few weeks to find where it is going, work out average of what your major expenses are. Check up on it every year or so. It isn’t super hard, and it doesn’t have to be.You should try your library. Get some books out on personal finance. They are easy to read and you can take from them the tips you know you will use. It’s a free resource. 🙂

How to Save My Money.

I have a bad habbit of saving a couple hundred dollars and then finding something to spend it on. Any tips on how I can better control my spending habbits?

yes, you need to become that i mean, read book called “secrets of the millionaire mind”you’ll then have in your subconscious mind that having money is good and you don’t have to spend it to go back to “Zero”.never get credits for stuff that decrease in price, like always buy a car cash, no can only buy a house on credit, but make sure that it’s price is increasing.create a account in the bank called FFA, financial freedom account… in this account you’ll put 10% of all your earnings, and you’ll never spend this money. This money you’ll invest it (long term investments, not stock market)don’t buy stuff that you can live without, unless you have 3 to 4 times more the money, and the rest, you’re not planning to crazy advice, that will work, is to give away money… but you must be happy doing it, to someone that deserves, if you’re not happy you’ll just lose ityou get what you give Free online books for kids

How to save money.

i have been doing my research on how to be a better mother. i’ve read all types of pregnancy and parenting books. now i’ve moved on on how to save money. i think I will use cloth diapers during the day and disposible ones at night. I’ve also thought of bying some of the basic stuff now and putting them…

I think it’s okay to plan and be excited for things (marriage, babies, etc.). But…wait on buying things. Styles change a lot in a year, you change a lot (your tastes in clothes, perhaps your weight, etc.), plus, you don’t know if you’re going to be big or one of those people who barely show.

how to save money on a eurotrip.

so next summer, i’d love to go to europe with my dad for 3-4 weeks, specifically to french-speaking regions so i can practice my french (corsica, monaco, france, belgium, luxembourg, switzerland, etc.) and maybe even stop in london for a couple days for the olympics (although, please excuse my ignorance, i have…

I assume you are not European, if so, you will be able to get an Eurail pass, not an InterRail.The man in seat sixty-one has a good site with lots of information for you: ‘should’ read the page on France, the page on rail passes and maybe just roam around the site to see if there is something else you like to see.On the France page, (click on France in the bar on the left) you will see ‘how to buy tickets’ in the heading of the page, and How to travel from the UK to France, that info is as good for you as for people who start out in England.If you do decide for a rail pass, it is likely that a 3 countries Eurail Switzerland, France and Benelux will do.The UK is never included.Booking all your train travels early is likely cheaper but less flexible.On the French railway site you can book for all TGV trains as well as the Thalys and Eurostar, that are the high speed trains, and booking early you can save 50 to 90% of the price of tickets bought on the day of traveling.For cheap places to stay use one of the hostel booking sites, they also do cheap hotels and bed and breakfast kind of places.If you do not mind sharing a room with your dad you will often find hotels as cheap as two beds in a dorm in a hostel, but sometimes you will pay less when you go to hostels.France is a country to eat out, but hostels will allow you to do (part of) your own cooking. Cooked lunches in restaurants are often way cheaper than dinners, so if you want to eat out and still want to save money, go out for lunch and cook your own dinner.If you want to see some of the top games of the Olympics, you will have to apply for your tickets very soon, but often there will be sports that have games with tickets for sale when it is almost time for start.

how to save money fast.

i need help on how to save moneyi work at a fast food place getting paid only 8.50/hr cuz of my age but i need ideas to save money and i also have to pay for my own braces, singing classes and tumbling class and at the end i got no money left so how can i save more and spend less.

The secret to financial control is to WRITE DOWN on a small note pad every expenditure you make It is onerous but you can make a game out of thisCan I remind you of a great saying I learnt many years ago?Income £1 expenditure £1 .05 result miseryIncome £1 expenditure £0 .95 result happinessYou will have to get your income up as well as your costs down I went self employed gardening, paper delivery, cleaning, buying and selling on e-Bay, in-fact anything to earn a £1Then I saved 10% of my income and invested it in a high-yield account My money never sleeps and works just as hard for me as I worked to get it in the first placeSave as you earn. Lock it away so you cannot get at it easily. Forget you have it and live on the 90% left. Through the magic of compound interest your money earns moneyGood Luck!Source(s):Book Rich Dad Poor Dad & Book The Richest Man in BabylonBoth available cheap from e-Bay and Amazon and the best investment I ever made

How to save money.

without a savings account. I have started working and want to save my money to move out. The only problem is my mom will not let me open a bank account since it will hurt her food stamps and housing money(dont know the real name for it). I want to save money so I can move out, it is an unhealthy living…

Jeff and Stan C are on to something. Traveler’s checks are a wonderful way to go. You use your driver’s license to prove who you are. They are good for something like 10 years and require your signature when you buy them and when you cash them.You may have a nearby Deli or store which sells money orders for free or for 25 cents. That’s a good reasonable way go as well.I’ve done the envelope thing when I was younger and it worked perfectly. I had a little budget book with envelopes in it and I used a percentage of money to put in each envelope.Another thing you can do is this: Buy food or gas cards so you have them later. I do that now. Be careful which cards you buy as businesses are closing up like crazy. You want your gift card to be good. I bought gas, grocery store, subway shop and doughnut shop cards, so if I was low on cash, I had gift cards to resume all my normal way of life.I also fill the small M&M tubes with quarters for laundry. Each tube holds about $14.Skip the savings account! There’s not much to be earned and then you get taxed on it anyway. In your situation you don’t want to jeopardize yourself.You can put money in battery compartments, on the back of clocks, etc. Just remember where you have the money–if you go that route.If you leave your situation, you should be able to get social services as well. Hook up with a YWCA and find out what’s available for you. Hopefully a wonderful room mate will come along and keep your expenses low.Good luck.

How to save money.

I need a financial advise. Ive tried budgeting and stuff but i know nothing about making a budget and saving money and all that stuff. Is there anyone out there that would like to help me out?

Your mistake was trying to budget! Budgets usually don’t work. You need to be flexible. You need to change your habits. Everyone is different, everyone needs a different way that’ll work for them. There’s lots of good books on the subject of money management and frugality. Start reading! Find out what works for you. One of the best books out there is “The Automatic Millionaire” by David Bach. One thing I would recommend is having a bit of your paycheck sent directly to a savings account.You probably won’t miss the money and it’s a good start. If you really think about it I’m sure you’ll come up with some ideas. Make them painless or you probably won’t do them. Remember that they don’t have to be perfect. Just good. Any improvement at all is excellent. Change your mind and you’ll change your life!


Best books on saving money.

i have been married for four years and have two kids. it seems like we spend too much money and since my husband got unemployed, we. need to reallu do something about it. i usually cook at home and try to buy clothing on sale but obviously its not enogh. i wanna know which is a good book to read on how to save and…

stop eating so much junk….get a job or another job while hubby is home…always cook at home…you can’t afford to eat out…buy zero clothes, as of now, you can’t afford costs money….research online…it’s free…

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  1. If you’re going to start trying, it’s not crazy at all to buy stuff now. Just buy basic things like t-shirts and jeans because you don’t know what season you’ll be in when you get pregnant. You don’t want to stock up on sweaters if you could possibly have a July or August baby. Also, you can find a lot of cute maternity clothes in great shape on e-bay or even at yard sales. Most women wear them a few months and then have no more use for them so they’re not worn out. You just have to hunt for a bargain!

  2. Cheap Hotels: Formule 1, B’nB (Bed and Breakfast, that is the name of the hotels company)If you have a close friend you trust, open an account in his/her name and have your paycheck automatically transferred to that account.After you get your emergency fund funded, start having a set amount withdrawn from your paycheck so that you will save it before you see it. Many possibilities are out there for what to do with this, e.g. put in savings, buy stocks by dollar cost averaging, etc.Have you checked into insurance for the car…..depending on what you buy, insurance cost vary. If possible can you get on your parents insurance plan? This would make it a bit cheaper for you. Also, no fast little sports cars or jacked up trucks…you simply need something that is great shape and runs well gets good gas mileage and has affordable insurance..The only problem is, if your mom’s on food stamps, you’ll have to go out of your way to prove that the cash isn’t drug money.

  3. Even if you put your money in an interest earning account, I’m guessing since your mom is on food stamps and you are living under her roof, the amount of money you actually have to put into the account will only earn so much on the interest alone. There are some liquid checking accounts out there that earn as much as 4.50% interest a year, so even if you have $25,000 to deposit in there, the interest earned per year is only $1125, and that’s without touching a cent of the money for the entire year. That little of an amount of money is not worth your mom throwing you out on the street. I would suggest opening a safe deposit box with the bank and putting all of your physical money in there.

  4. You are looking in the wrong direction . Instead of looking for ways to spend less look into ways to make much more than you need .

  5. It’s okay to do, but I hate to be the pessimist and say what if it never happens for you all? Then you have all that baby stuff around and it’s depressing. I had a miscarriage a couple months ago and I had already started getting the baby stuff out from my other children and cleaning it up, it was depressing to see it afterward.

  6. Even if you opened up a savings account, if you kept it in a traditional bank, you would probably get a very low interest rate and wouldn’t make much in return, especially if you only have a little saved. An online savings account is really the only way it’s worth it.Save what you can and keep it safe!

  7. Get a college ruled ,3 section notebook and use each section for a month of recording information. The first few pages of each monthly section should go as follows-Income-List each day on this page and the income you took in-page 2-regular outgo-these are the bills you are obligated to-such as basic grocerys,gas for car,rent,cable,electricity,water ,car insurance…etc page 3-micellanious outgo, These are unplanned expensives and money sometimes spent on stuff you want but do not 4-this is the total wealth page where you list all assets, money in checking,savings,change jar,money owed to you,uncashed checks,wallet,maybe a special hiding place…etc.

  8. You are a little obsessive, but it sounds like you’d make a great mom. The best advice I could give you is that don’t start stocking up on things now officially, but shop around and whenever you find any baby things that are on sale at a really good deal, BUY THEM! I’ve done this since I’ve had my son. I’d find clothes that were too big for him, but super cheap on clearance, so I’d just get it. When he was less than a year old, a friend was selling an awesome playset for $150 that she paid almost $1000 for, I bought it and I was so glad I did, even though it sat in my yard unused for a year or two. Just remember, age doesn’t always correspond to size and if you live in an area where the seasons change, you may end up having shorts that will only fit them in the winter, but hey, those things make great pajamas.i used to have that habbit and option 2 really helped me cause i like put a £5 inside each week…so i lost count at some point so i just carried on putting in…after a month i opened it ———— £200

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention… I haven’t needed maternity clothes, and would have been very upset if I wasted a bunch of money on clothes that I didn’t need. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and for my entire pregnancy I have gotten one maternity skirt, one pair of maternity capris, and one maternity shirt. A lot of my shirts I can wear still anyways either because of the way they were made or just by stretching them over my belly. Also, I ended up losing weight in the beginning of my pregnancy and to this day I’ve only gained a total of 4lbs total, I can still fit into pre-pregnancy pants though I usually just roll the waistband down for comfort.First of all I’d like to commend you on being such a careful planner and doing all of your research. I wish all parents would care that much, the world would be a much better place I’m sure.

  10. you need to be basic about certain thingsIts actually great that you are planning ahead. Most neglect to do so. You shouldn’t buy maternity clothes until you are pregnant though because many people grow different during pregnancy and you never know for sure how big or small you are going to be. With boys you tend to be bigger girls smaller. I applaud that you are wanting to get your financial security down. But, go ahead and enjoy your first year of marriage then settle down a bit and try to have a baby. Know that most babies are conceived 14 days after the first day of your period. Well that is when most women ovulate. Good luck. Congrats on the marriage.

  11. Secondly, I think it makes it a little more special and exciting when you’re buying things while you’re pregnant, it’s one of the few fun little perks to the whole pregnancy things. No reason to rush anyways…Put money into a managed fund, $400 dollars a month. They wait for the payment, so you are forced to save it. Anytime is a good time to start cause it is a Long Term investment (so generally over time you can double it every say around 7 years) and it compounds. So you could get a 30% return in say 4-6 months, if u pick a good one. $100 a week=$400 a month =$4800 a year =$24000 over five years and double this by compound following the rule =$48,000 not bad for 100 bucks a week. Theres always an excuse it will go down or won’t work but at least youll have 24 grand. Internet accounts are good also 5% interest and cant get at on weekends, till Monday morning. Just dont ask for a card. Get a timer for your oil heater- I was living in a cold climate (Orange) last year and the timer reduced the bill by like $500 bucks for the quarter. From 900 to 300 and it was still snowing in November. Dont buy books on investment, you could have invested the money. If u do sell it on ebay when finished. Sell anything u dont need on ebay. Its cheap to sell and someone else benefits from something you dont need. If you have Cash pay you credit card off, this is the worst debt you can have.

  12. Ok, are you working on your education? Higher education will yield more money in the long run. Look into grants and financial aid or scholarships.

  13. Cash in envelopes, stuffed way back in the closet.2. put them in the pot that collects money (dunno what they called in english.. its like putting money in and cant take it out unless u brake it)

  14. The small amount you would need to save to leave home won’t earn enough to worry about. Your income might cost her benefits anyhow since the household income will be increased. She must report all income or it is fraud. If you are an only child and leave home she may need to support herself instead of living on welfare.

  15. thirdly try and book your train tickets and air tickets in advance to get the cheap fares esp for the trains thalys and eurostar have offers for early bookings and the rides are very very smooth

  16. Secondly, I would just concentrate on setting aside money in a savings account. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything at all until you’re definetly pregnant and actually need things.[/DELDUP]There’s nothing wrong with being prepared, but I would wait on the maternity wear. I was a size 2-4 before I got pregnant. I am now a size M (not S!) in Motherhood maternity clothes because I am retaining so much water (I’m a walking sponge)! I would wait on the maternity clothes until you’re pregnant, so that you can be sure that they fit.give me all the money u would like 2 save an i will look after it 4 u

  17. If you can not set up an automatic transfer to that account, cash your paycheck and physically deposit the cash into the account each payday.

  18. As a side note, most maternity stores have great sales several times a year, so wait until you’re pregnant to get what fits and items you like at that stage in your life (tastes change)! Good luck 🙂

  19. Sure. Start acting like a big boy and quit pissing away your money on **** you don’t need. Put your money in a savings account, and don’t spend it unless you need it.

  20. Never join a gym…too costly, walk, jog your neighborhood….Bike to work.Find a money market account that has check writing privileges. Start putting it away until you have a $1000 put back for emergencies. Yes, you can still get to it in an emergency, but having it separate keeps your thought process straight in that this is for emergencies only. New clothes are not an emergency, but a dead battery for the car is.I say that for several reasons…Cheap supermaket: Aldi, Lidl, Leader Price, Netto, Ed

  21. I was on a super tight budget for some time and I counted use and cost of everything I consumed daily….from laundry detergent to TP…gas in the car to heat, water, lights used in the house….it is easy to over use products and not realize outgoing cost as a whole.Think of the big things you could get if you saved: the downpayment for a new car or a house, nice home furnishings, a retirement with more than just Social Security. When you save, you aren’t making a sacrifice. You’re buying a better future.

  22. I would a lot your self a weekly dollar amount and save the rest. If you live at home and do not pay rent then you need to help out more…..dump the trash and vacuum…realize what it takes to run a house….and clean up after yourself…learn the cost of products like detergent for laundry and dishes…you will simply appreciate the whole process more and learn a little. Also your parents will appreciate your help.

  23. secondly try to choose joints for eating that are affordable as good as the restaurants look from outside they may not have value for money so you can actually enter a supermarket and grab a decent bite for one meal and the other meal you can pop by in a near by cafegood luck…feel free to email me for more details or other suggestions

  24. Knowing what you spend daily and knowing where your money goes is the best way to save money for starters….

  25. you should be able to find a counselor in your area that will normally do the first meeting free. Ask them if they can do it free if they don’t offer. You will likely be ale to do a money market account in order to keep the money liquid. good luck.

  26. Great second answer from Goonhilda!1. put them in a bank accountEurope is generally very expensiveall the best and enjoy yourself

  27. First, like the first answerer said things are ever changing, as far as maternity clothes and baby stuff. My Mom’s youngest is only eight years old and she’d amazed by just how much things have changed since then to now.

  28. I paintings at Lancaster municipal airport and I see this always. Its a terrible train. It endangers lives of others seeing that your no longer watching external the airplane for different taxiing visitors or some other variety of motion at the ramp or taxiway. If an FAA agent noticed you doing this he/she’s going to surely will droop your price ticket or deliver a quotation for placing men and women in harms means. Do your self and others a desire. Take the time to do a right run up. What is yet another two or three mins going to price you for doing a right run up? THINK SAFETY!

  29. If you are desperate, you can find someone you trust that can open an account in their name and hold your money for you, but I would be careful with that.

  30. Your cell phone, do you have the best plan that fits your needs and use it without abusing it? a lot of people over pay and have way too many options that all cost money. The basics here are all you need. Some of my friends have to have the latest/best technology and they go in to debt monthly for a cell phone they really don’t need and can not afford.Don’t be too lavish. Please spend money for necessary things.

  31. You can buy travelers checks. They never expire and pay no interest. You can usually get them at a bank in any amount.

  32. You want to buy a used car, wonderful but, I would save to buy a fairly good used car verses a piece of junk that will cost in repairs….so save save save…buy something that fits your budget…gets good gas mileage….and is in good shape..$7,000 would be a great starting point.Bras are a different story… hahaha

  33. Hope I’ve helped in some way… Good luck on everything and congrats on your marriage too!Start by opening a savings account and never loan money to anyonetry not spending too much on the hotel as most of the time you will be out shopping or sight seeing and just going to the hotel to sleep (i presume)alittle too obsessed, you shouldn’t buy anyting until you are more than 12 weeks pregnant..not to be a pesimist but what if you don’t get pregnant than you would have wasted money for nothing and maternity stores have sales all the time…

  34. Put cash right into a managed fund, $400 bucks a month. They look forward to the fee, so you might be compelled to put it aside. Every time is a good time to rationale it is a long run funding (so as a rule over time which you can double it every say around 7 years) and it compounds. So you might get a 30% return in say four-6 months, if u pick a just right one. $a hundred per week=$four hundred a month =$4800 a 12 months =$24000 over five years and double this by compound following the rule =$forty eight,000 no longer bad for 100 bucks every week. Theres constantly an excuse it is going to go down or will not work but as a minimum youll have 24 grand. Internet debts are good additionally 5% interest and cant get at on weekends, until Monday morning. Just dont ask for a card. Get a timer on your oil heater- I used to be residing in a cold climate (Orange) last 12 months and the timer decreased the invoice via like $500 bucks for the quarter. From 900 to 300 and it was still snowing in November. Dont purchase books on investment, you might have invested the cash. If u do sell it on ebay when finished. Sell something u dont need on ebay. Its low priced to promote and any person else benefits from some thing you dont want. When you have cash pay you credit card off, that is the worst debt you can have.

  35. You could buy US savings bonds but not able to cash in right away. It would make the money safer than at home.

  36. I think an easy starting point is realizing where your money is spent daily….if you DO NOT buy the daily cup of $4 coffee or the $5 jumba juice or the fast food lunch or dinner at $7-10 at pop GOOD FOR YOU!Some people prefer to travel by themselves. As in your case, perhaps. Friends at home, which you see on occasion, is not like travelling together and being “tied together”. I understand your being uncomfortable with this. You are not comfortable with it, then don’t do it.

  37. You don’t need a savings account to save money. Sure it would probably be a lot safer in a savings account and earn more money than if it was under your mattress, but if you have no choice, do what you can. Just keep it somewhere safe that you know nobody will find it and make sure you don’t spend it.every second shop is either a restaurant or cafe so you will get an idea where you can grab a bite from*(*

  38. [DELDUP()]The best way to eat healthy is by buying the fruits and veggies, fish you can consume. Which means going to the store more often. I can keep the cost down at the grocery store by just buying what I can eat for a few days at a time. I get bananas and apples…these are a great breakfast and pack well for a lunch or snack. I make a salad for lunch with light dressing I make…nuts and seeds are great fillers on a salad or for a snack. For dinner fish or chicken and a fresh veggie that is in season is cheaper…frozen veggies can also work and give you more variety. Cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese are great fillers and snacks. I also eat a bowl of raisin bran cereal with non fat milk every night. No processed food cookies crackers soda chips…they are pricey and terrible for you…..adds the pounds fast….I spend about 50 bucks a week on food and waste nothing….lots of people waste a ton of food by not eating and cooking what they purchase or prepare.Check out They’ve got an article on their “Moneymaking Articles” section about saving money.

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