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Funny books.

I have read fantasy and fiction and it is all sad . they have happy endings, but I want a funny book on a middle school reading level.

Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot. It’s about a girl who basically has everything (popular best friend, good grades... and TWO boyfriends.) It’s really funny because then her friend from eighth grade come back to town (everyone hates him) and she falls head over heals for him too. Girl and All-American Girl Ready Or Not by Meg Cabot. It’s about an outcast girl who happens to save the presidents life. Suddenly everyone at school wants to be her friend, but she doesn’t really care… What she does care about is the presidents son…How To Be Popular by Meg Cabot. It’s about a girl who comes across an old book in her grandma’a attic called how to be popular. So, she follows the rules of the book hoping to become popular.Jinx by Meg Cabot. If you liked Twilight, then you’ll like this book. It’s about a girl who has bad luck all the time so she moves in with her aunt and uncle. He sister is into witchcraft and I don’t want to spoil the rest, but it fairly good.Teen Idol by Meg Cabot. This is about a girl who has an advice column in her school newspaper. So, when a famous actor comes to her school and she’s the only one who knows about it, chaos occurs!The Mediator series by Meg Cabot. I’ve only read the first two, but they are VERY good. It’s about a girl named Suze who moves to California from New York because her mother just remarried. Oh, and Suze can see ghosts…Good luck with finding a book! I hope these help!

how is the book Holes funny.

i recently finish the book Holes and i need to write down how it is funny and i see a few things that are funny but can you name some

Well, the fact that Stanley’s dad’s while life was devoted to the stench of shoes is pretty funny!the Yelnats’ nickname for the ancestor that stole the pigStanley’s excuse for finding the shoes; “they fell on my head”

Free state books

Does Stanley Lyndons book “How to be funny” actually work.

The website was very convincing, but im not sure i should get the book. If you ever used it..was if succesful?

i have never read it sorry,..but i think books are uselesspeople tell me that im a funny guy… my secret is that i practiceXDi know it sounds stupid but i do…i put myself in different situations and respond to it….and be quick in your response…you can copy GOOD one liners from TV shows like friends or desperate housewives

how to be funny.

how can i be funny

I would say look at what other funny people have done.Sometimes being funny is like how you say something or your actions or what you are talking about. You could try to write your own jokes or use old ones. Watch last comic standing. Or read a how to book. Hope this helps.


For anyone that read the book How to Be Funny by stanley lyndon, did it help improve your social life.

did his book make one funnier in conversations with improvisational wit, or did it just make one better at spiting off jokes? also, did anyone benefit socially and make more friends as a result?

How come you ask the same question over and over? I answered you just yesterday on a very similar question here: seeing your profile, you have asked the same question a few times before: one, you have mentioned you already have the book and in the other you have mentioned you do not have the book.What exactly is your deal here Aaditya?At the risk of repeating myself, yes, it does help with all those things you have asked about. But I suggest you stop asking these questions over and over and instead spend time reading the book and actually practicing the method. Don’t you think that would be a better use of your time?PT

Does anyone have this book: “How to write jokes in 20 funny lessons” by Hume R. Russ.

does anyone have this book:”how to write jokes in 20 funny lessons” by Hume R Russ

How to Write Jokes (By the Numbers in 20 Funny Lessons) by Hume R. Russ is available via Amazon Market Place but it is very expensive. Only used copies are available and the cheapest is $125.00.There are also other booksellers offering used editions of the book and their prices are the same.BUY Barnes & Noble.comBUY AbebooksBUY AlibrisBUY Barnes & Noble BookQuestBUY half.comI hope this information is helpful.

Funny, inspiring books to recommened.

I really want a funny book that’ll make me laugh and inspire me.Here’s a list of some of the books I adore just so you know my taste!-The Lovely Bones-The Harry Potter Series-The Time Traveler’s Wife-How to Be Lovely: The Audrey Hepburn Way of LifeAnd I haven’t read these yet but I…

I see, you like Time Traveler’s Wife? You could try books by Nicholas Sparks [especially A Walk To Remember, The Last Song, Dear John].You could also try books by Cecilia Ahern [Book of Tomorrow, P.S. I Love You]Since you like Harry Potter, I’d suggest these:Mortal Instruments – Cassandra ClareHunger Games – Suzanne Collins

Learn to be funny, books.

I need some book recommendation. Its for my friend and he is just a bucket of white paint with a drop of water, you know what i m saying. He wants to be funny and his birthday is coming, so i want to give him a book that will teach him how to be funny. I have absolutely no clue which will be a good book for him. In…

How to be funny by Jon Macks…Crisp Toasts: Wonderful Words That Add Wit and Class to Every Time You Raise Your Glass by William Evans…I recommend going to your local bookstore and browsing the humor section for books of knock-knock jokes and riddles. You can also look for autobiographies and/or books written by your favorite comedians. Billy Crystal, Jay Leno, Jackie Mason, Tim Allen, etc. have books about their lives and life in general with witticism and humorous one-liners (ie.… Reading about comedians through their own words can help inspire people to be funny.I hope this helps. Good luck!

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  1. How you say it, your hand gestures, and your facial expressions.”How to Be Funny On Purpose” by Edgar E. Willis and Richard L Weaver (’05) with 29 copies at Amazon, new and used, priced from $18.12If you follow the link above, as I did, and put ‘books’ in the first search box on top, and ‘How to Be Funny’ in the second, you’ll find there are thousands of books like this available.

  2. The last names of both the boys.and much, much more… just click on the link above and do what I did…

  3. look up “horrible history” its a sereys of books that are verry good! i dont know 1 person who doesnt like them! their really funny. wrighters name is terry dearly or something verry simrelar. ask at a book shop. their 14.99 each and a total must have. we love these books

  4. [DELDUP()]”The Comic Toolbox: How to Be Funny Even If You’re Not” by John Vorhaus, with 43 copies priced from $7.79…

  5. How the camp owners, and staff get in trouble and how they act like 4 year old children at the beginning.

  6. The Artemis fowl books are mild fantasy, and are pretty funny. Theres 5, with a 6th coming out sometime. They’re about “fairies” that live under ground, but they’re not the kind of fairies you’re thinking of, and their numerous battles against a evil kid genius. They’re very easy to read, and pretty light-hearted.

  7. The grandfather is obsessed with the stinch of really wierd things. He cooks wierdly also.Luck…

  8. I didn’t really see a whole bunch of down-on-the-floor-laughing.Learning to be funny has everything to do with both sociology and psychology. A potential comedian must understand both himself and his audience. He must be able to “read” people and react quickly.Read a lot of the jokes on here, and learn how to tell them…!

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