Books On How To Get Out Of Debt

does anyone know how to apply for government grant to get out of debt.

No. The government is NOT in the business of giving away free money for the sake of giving away money. There are no grants for paying bills, no grants for paying off credit cards, no grants for getting out of debt and no grants for simply fattening your wallet.Grants are free, but it means OBLIGATION. You will be obligated to do as the grant sets out to do. Grants have objectives, and your purpose must fit the objective of the grant.For one, you have to write the grant application and the grant application is not a simple document – you have to explain how your purpose for applying for the grant fits well with the objectives set out by the grant.There is a stringent review process through a committee. You will compete with other applicants for the grant money, and this grant review committee will evaluate the merits of each proposal. Only those that they feel exemplifies the objective of the grant will be approved.You can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) and – these are two sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. Browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support your purposes.Even if you buy books on “how to get grants” or list that supposedly has information on grants — all of them are mere rehash of what CFDA has, albeit packaged differently.Note though that these grants generally support non-profit organizations, intermediary lending institutions, and state and local governments. Most of the federal grants are given to specific target groups with specific requirements (e.g. minority business owners involved in transportation related contracts emanating from DOT – Grant#20.905 Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Short Term Lending Program. Individuals especially for personal purposes are not eligible for federal grants.Grants are also often given to non profit groups or organizations involved in training or other similar activities (grant 59.043 Women’s Business Ownership Assistance that are given to those who will create women’s business center that will train women entrepreneurs

How can I get out of debt.

I have recently been careless with my shopping and have gotten into some financial trouble. I hate it and I’m stressing every night. I need some suggestions. I would really like to get out of this situation that is causing sleepless nights. I was thinking of taking a second job. My debt is not event that large….

If you have multiple debts, you need a plan to get out of debt.Get a piece of paper. Write down all your debts, and the INTEREST RATE that they charge next to them. The interest rate is very important.Then, pay minimum repayments on all the debts, except the one with the highest interest rate. That is always your priority. You must pay all your extra money, above the minimum repayment, on the highest interest rate debt. When that debt is clear, the second highest interest rate debt on your list becomes the priority. And so on.If you clear your debts in this order, you will spend the smallest amount on interest and be debt free the soonest.I say get a second job. I have a second job. I work a full time one, and a casual one, to pay down my mortgage. I want it paid off in 5 years, and I’m ahead of schedule. A few extra bucks a week on those loans will have you smacking those loans down.Don’t give money to banks by having too much debt. I say, clear that debt. You are more important. Don’t let the banks take your money. Be motivated. You can do it, because your financial future is worth it.Stop stressing, write down the above plan on your fridge, and make some progress. You can be debt free. Check out the local library for a few books on debt management. There are some good ones. They will be in the personal finance section.Edit: I believe Dave Ramsay is a tool. He suggests you clear the smallest loan first. That might be good for the ego, but if that $100 loan is costing 6%, and you have a $10000 at 19%, and you can only pay $100, paying it on the loan at 19% saves you $19 per $100 borrowed. Paying it on the pissy little $100 loan saves you $6. Why screw yourself out of $13? You’d be a cretin. Forget your ego. You’ll feel like a superhero when you’ve cleared a debt costing you craploads a year. Do it. You’re worth it.Best wishes

I survived books free

How to get out of high auto debt.

Basically I screwed myself – I needed a new car that got better gas mileage so I traded it in but was upside down – the new car is a standard ’08 Corolla and I owe about $24,000 or so on it, with my monthly payments about $500 (they cheated me anyways, but that’s besides the point). On top of that I had to…

You’ve got a number of options.Yes, you could try to refi…go to a credit union! They will give you the best, most honest rates. Even refi-ing you’ll have to have to cover the cost remaining on the old loan. This may be difficult since Kelley Blue Book lists the 08 Corolla at around $15,000. Because you have no equity in the car, even a friendly credit union might be wary of lending, plus you’ll still be paying around $400 a month if you get a 60 month loan at 6.78% ( you turn the car back in/surrender, you’ll be responsible for the deficiency (the cost of the remaining between what you owe and what they sell it for). This could be a big lump and you’ll be paying for NOTHING, because you won’t have the car anymore. This is throwing money away.You could file for Bankruptcy and give up the car. Since you live with your grandfather and the car is probably your only asset, depending on your income, you could qualify for a Chapter 7. This will make the car and the debt disappear. It won’t be long before you’ll qualify for another loan, but it will be at a higher interest rate due to the bankruptcy, or you could save up and just get a more affordable car outright. With the economy crashing there are lots of good deals out there. Just think, if you save that $500 each month you could have a $3,000 car by the end of the year. I just saw a really nice car on the way to work today, looked great, ran for $3,200 and was less than 10 years old. Anyway, you’ll have a car (with equity) and no payment. This also can ease the cost of insurance because you won’t have to coverage full coverage if you can’t afford to.You could file a Chapter 13 where you could pay the car through the Trustee, but in your case because it is a 2008 car you must have purchased it in the last 910 days making the car a “910 car” meaning you’ve got to pay them back every dime you owe them. If it wasn’t a 910 car you could pay them back just the value of the car and the difference would be unsecured and probably completely discharged in your bankruptcy (discharged = gone/paid for).You could try another trade in, but you are just digging yourself another hole.But, don’t think of the situation as just being screwed. You’ll be ok. Everyone makes financial mistakes now and then. The important thing is to recognize where you are at, how you got there, and know that even though there isn’t an “easy” way out, there are things you can do to get control of the situation. Right now it’s hanging over your head, but it’s not the end of the world. Many people go through the same thing and come out fine on the other end.Warning: Don’t go to those debt relief agencies. They are scams. They tell you they’ll negotiate a lesser payment and have you start paying them. Then you’ll find out that they aren’t paying anyone because there are thousands of dollars of “legal” fees they pay themselves first.Oh, and another warning… if offered a chance to surrender the vehicle for a “no-deficiency” think about the tax consequences. Often, like a deed in lieu, the lender will then “gift” you the amount of the deficiency and you’ll get a 1099. This means your “income” for the year will have increased by the amount of the deficiency, increasing your tax liability.Sorry for all the quotation marks, it’s hard to get across some of the more complicated aspects of consumer finance and pitfalls in answers. Good Luck, though! I’m sure it will all work out.I know you wonder how you’ll start the business if you file for bankruptcy now, but bankruptcy could help you get on a more reasonable financial ground so that you can start a business… All stuff to think about.

Any tips on how to get out of debt rather quickly.

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting out of debt, i obviously dont use the credit cards anymore i know that is step one, any tips on how to pay them off fast?

Check out Dave Ramsey on He has a very clear plan for how to get out of debt and never have to borrow money again.He takes you through 7 Baby Steps where you focus on one thing at a time. He has written a book called The Total Money Makeover. My husband and I have started on this plan, and are already having success in paying off our debt.Good luck!!

How to get out of debt….

My parent’s are struggling big time with the bills and it’s getting a little out of control. At our old house, my parents were a month ahead with the bills, so there was no need to worry. But my dad was diagnosed with MS so we had to downsize. My dad’s job bought a house which we live in, 1500 a month….

Stay in school, but get a job. I am in my senior year and my parents have not paid for any of my tuition or books. I have a job and I pay for it myself. Yes your grades will suffer a little, but I am still in the eighth best business school in the country.Things will work out, they always do. Just remember that the family is most important, not bills or money. Worst case scenario your parents file bankruptcy and life will go on. Right now you need to be there for your dad not their bills.good luck and I wish the best for you and your family.

How to get out of debt without doing counseling.

5000 dollars in debt? how can i get out without having to go somewhere? what could i sell? how long would it take to get out??? PLEASE HELP!

Yes you can do it.I suggest you get the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey. It is the only money management book I have ever seen actually written for people in debt and struggling. You can get it at most libraries. It really does get you out of debt and it has worked for our family but it is not magic cure, however, it is really great to have someone show you how to escape the slavery of debt -at least that is how we felt. Check out the web site listed below or feel free to email me.In essence you need to get a working budget and a you need to get a emergency fund to prevent going further in debt. You can sell of any extras – the average family can raise 1K in a week doing this. The you will have to be focused on getting out of debt and as you pay off one bill you add the money you were paying on the payments for the next. At first progress is small very much like making a snow ball it starts small but as you make make progress it gets bigger and bigger and so will your debt payments

How to get america out of debt.

Im doing a school project and i need help withHow to get america out of debt and better like chinaHow to make child obesity go awayand how to get more jobs in america

I would forget about republicans and democrats and politics in general. Although I can’t say that as I’m from the UK so I only have a basic idea of what it’s like that. For number one get a book on it and look at what the government is doing and is it working or not?For number two, more exercise maybe compulsory or something like that.Number three again a book or something.Hope I helped, good luck!

how to get out of credit card debt.

Pay as much as you can but remember to also put some aside in savings. You need to pay off the higher interest cards first… once they are paid off, DO NOT CANCEL them! Just cut them up so that you will no longer use them. However, you need to make sure there is no annual fee on them… even if there is depending on your credit- you still might need to keep them open! Basically, getting out of credit card debt takes time and persistence. You need to take it one step at a time. If you have a bill pay service like through wachovia bank then they can help you with an automatic deduction and scheduling of payments which sometimes makes the process easier. Hope this helps!Suze Orman also has some great words of wisdom on her website and in her book, “The Young, Fabulous, and Broke.” If you can, you should purchase that book – try or eBay. It has changed so many thought processes including my own! 🙂

How to get out of Debt.

Does anyone know of a good place that will help me get out of debt please let me know thanks again are the ones that they show on T.V. any good

You don’t need to go somewhere to get out of debt. You need to learn to budget and pay more than the minimum, and of course not take on any new debt. You can check out lots of great and helpful books at the library (Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey). These two individuals also have television shows, and the show “Til Debt Do Us Part” offers some great information on everyday debt issues. The television infomercials are scams and will just cost you more money. Good luck to you, but your best bet is to start your own researching into better money management and how to pay off debt quickly.

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  1. While budgeting, make sure to earmark the amounts necessary for credit card monthly installments. These funds should not be used for any other thing what so ever under any condition. This will build up a repayment schedule which is regular. Thus acting in this way you will do two things. First, you won’t add anything to your credit card bill, secondly the repayment schedule will get regular. So, your debt will start reducing regularly. Read more from:,Credit_card_debt_Get_rid_of_it_by_these_simple_steps

  2. you’re not going to get the payment down any without getting a longer term loan – they can’t cheat you if you don’t let them

  3. see if the larger debts will work a payment plan with you.SELL everything that isn’t glued down to get them paid off… Especially sell the crap that you bought with the cards.

  4. The program I like best is Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. It will not only help you get out of debt but will help you never get in that situation in the future.

  5. If you have a large amount of debt, you need to establish a plan and make sure you can stick with it.Those places are scams. There is one way to do it…paying on the debts until they’re gone.

  6. Balance transfers to new cards often give you 0% interest but after one of two times of doing this companies will stop offering it because they’ve caught on. It helps though if you have some out of control APR2. Pay off any high rate non deductable debt. Such as ccards.

  7. $500 isn’t necessarily ridiculous, because a $24k loan is no joke. It all comes down to your credit rating, and also what your loan terms are. Can you clarify those things?

  8. Lower taxes and create incentive for businesses to come backIs your credit good/excellent? If it is, you should definitely look into a better rate. The problem is, you may have a hard time getting a full refi because of the true value of the car.Convert short term debt into a long term debt at lower interest rates. If that also is not possible, sell some property and settle the debt.

  9. Don’t listen to blanket statements about “those programs”. Over the last several years, our automated program has been helped thousands of clients. There are good programs and bad programs. If you don’t succeed on your own or need help look for a program with a track record and lot’s of testimonials.

  10. [/DELDUP]The first thing you need to do is to stop using the cards to begin with. Cut them up today. Get in the habit of using a debit card or cash to pay for everything. This will also help you start saving more. Use the money that is saved up to make major purchases. Personally, I never have less than $1000 in my savings account in case an emergency comes up that used to be paid with a credit card, like a car repair.If you find a grant that allows an individual to get out of debt, let me know.

  11. Credit card debt, is not an unusual situation and we can find people everywhere, who are suffering from this very problem. Getting into debt is very easy, just a quick spending spree and you will reach this hell, but getting out of a credit card debt takes a lot of discipline and will. However, nothing is impossible and anyone can get rid of the credit card debt provided he follows these basic things.Don’t get sick young…it will kill your finances!!

  12. When you have decided what is necessary, try to pay for all that with cash. Yes, you heard it right hard cash. This will benefit a debt ridden person tremendously. Put off those credit cards away for the moment.

  13. You need to start by asking yourself if you have the discipline to stick with a plan for anywhere from a few to several years depending on how much debt you have. Someone telling you to just do it isn’t going to help you. As much as some people would like to believe everyone can just do it on their own, that’s not true. If it was, we wouldn’t have tens of millions of people in the country carrying debt over month after month. Financial discipline is tough and most people get on track and then fall off at some point and then go through this cycle over and over.Ouch.Call the credit card companies and see if you can negotiate a better interest rate. Sometimes they’ll drop it. It helps if you can quote a rate you got through the mail, saying, “I have a solicitation here that says they’ll give me 13.99%. If you can match that, I’ll stay with you.” Figure out exactly how much debt you have and on which cards. Pay off the highest rate card first. Put yourself on a strict spending “diet” so that you cut expenses wherever you can. Figure out where you spend money now. For example, if you spend just $3 a weekday on coffee, you are spending $750 a year on it! If you make $25,000 a year, that $3 a day coffee is 3% of your income. You should also consider taking a second job on weekends or at night to bring in more income, and you can sell stuff you have on ebay to bring your debt down quickly.

  14. Dave Ramsey is a good spot to get advice, check out his podcast but some of his methods are just too taxing on regular individuals.$5000 is not much compare the US household average of around $22k. Good luck (which you probably don’t need if you become disciplined)


  16. Hi! It’s definitely possible to make some solid money through the internet. There are many resources out there but I think this blog has the greatest collection of ways to make money online.investigate federal, state and military black budgetWell they are good on tv what im gonne show you that really works because i have tried it and i was really surprised its not hard to get out of debt just check the link below.Go here now…

  17. You are in college that is a good place to find information. Maybe you can talk to someone in the administrative office that can point you in the right direction for help. Good luck ! You and your brother keep helping you parents as much as you can, and don’t ever ask for anything in return. God Bless you & your family.

  18. We have not seen any grants for over 15 years. The scammers keep advertising them, tho. Cities and counties now sell bonds to raise money . These are called “bond money”. You can apply at City Hall. They want the money to be spent in “target” areas which the city will show you. You must pay this money back; it is not a gift..

  19. I’m not sure how this impacts your credit score but you can try and negotiate a better APR. Maybe appeal to the companies you’ve been with for a long time, or tell them without a lower APR you either can’t keep up and will default or you will transfer your balance to a new card altogether.

  20. you dont have to sell personal items to pay anything off, but I do suggest you consolidate and lower your current bills. for example, a smaller cable/satelite package.

  21. I used it and many other people I have know do and it works. Nothing like seeing those balances disappear!

  22. Child obesity is a leftist distraction they have been using since the 1960’s to distract from what liberals have done. When they get in trouble they pull it off the shelf, just like they did when Kennedy was in office.

  23. Some people say that you should pay the debt with the largest interest rate first, rather than the one with the smallest balance, because you can save money by paying less towards interest. Mathematically, that is true. However, the reality is that the amount of savings will be minimal, especially if the overall amount of the debt is not very large. The other reason to pay the smallest balance first is psychological. It’s possible that the debt with the largest interest rate is the one with the largest balance. After paying what you can towards this debt over several months, you might think the debt isn’t going down very much. You’ll get discouraged, think “I’ll never pay this off, so why bother”, and go back to using credit cards again. By paying the smallest balance off first, you’ll see a quick result. If you pay off another debt shortly thereafter, you’ll think “Hey, this works”, and be even more determined to pay off the rest of the debt. Before you know it, you’ll be debt free, have cash in the bank, and a whole new way of spending your money.

  24. The companies on TV don’t care about getting you out of debt, they just want to buy your debt so you are forced to pay all the money to them – and it can be more expensive than dealing with individual creditors so watch out! I wouldn’t touch “debt consolidation” with a barge pole unless it was with my bank.

  25. Discipline is the first thing to begin with. Yes, usually it is the wasteful expenditure and uncontrolled spending that lands a credit card holder into credit card debt. Taking a pledge to control your credit card spending unless you get out of this credit card debt will put you on the right track.cut bloated military budget

  26. You don’t mention what your APR is, or how long the loan is for….so I am going to take a guess here, that for $500/mo on a $24k loan, you are making 60 payments, which comes out to about a 9.29% APR.

  27. Then pay off the smallest debts as quick as possible while making the minimum payments on the larger debts. Once you clear up the smallest one you can focus more money on the next one.

  28. 1. if you work, contribute to the company 401k account up the the percentage that the company matches. You’re making a 100% return on the money you put in and how can u possibley turn away free money.The best approach depends on your situation. If the debt is something like a car, you can take your time with it. If it is credit cards you should get serious.

  29. [DELDUP()]A second job may not be a bad idea, especially if it helps you sleep at night! But I’ve found that it is usually easier to save money than it is to earn money — first, you have more control, and second, because you pay taxes on income, you have to earn $11 or $12 (or even $13, depending on your tax rate) to have $10 in your pocket. But when you save, you just have to save $10 to have $10 in your pocket. If you look critically at your spending, you might be able to find some areas where you can squeeze a bit and get those debts paid of faster.

  30. The most important thing is to get very frugal and create a budget to stick to.because it is free and pretty easy to use, plus gives you feedback on whether your budget makes sense and such. (It will also do some debt analysis and such, but that part does have a small fee.)When it comes to selling something, only you will know what you have of value and if you are willing to part with it or able to function without it. Don’t sell plasma (blood) it’s not worth hanging around all the junkies.Budgeting the expenditure and taking control of your finances will help you gauge what is needed and money spent on which items are bugging you later. Again the discipline comes into play. Sticking to your income limits will help you cut the overspending and simply have the courage to cut off all those things which are not absolutely important.Legalize marijuanaIf you decide you don’t need help track your progress, get some accountability with someone that will stay on you to follow through, and stay motivated. Whatever you do, make your own decision on what you know to be true about yourself, and don’t let anyone else make the decision for you.

  31. Every month you are in debt you are losing money that could be building up your retirement or going someplace where you need it. Not taking any action is the same as deciding to keep doing what you are doing and throwing your money away.

  32. Basically you want to pay the highest interest with the highest balance off first and pay the minimum balance on the rest. After that debt is paid off, go to the next highest interest with the highest balance and pay the minimum balance on the rest. Keep doing this and you will eventually be out of debt.You might want to build a budget, being sure to include what you need to pay down that debt. Start with the stuff you can’t change — your rent/mortgage, utilities, any other payments. Then work through other areas and see where you can shave a bit here and there. Once you know where your money should go, keep track of where you actually spend it to make sure you aren’t slipping into bad spending habits. There are websites that can help you. I likeYou can’t. There’s simply no such thing. The only place you’ll ever hear about such grants is from scam artists who are trying to sell you their books or their CDs which supposedly list such grants. All they really sell you is information that’s already available for free on sites like — which will confirm that the government does NOT give average people money to pay their bills, buy cars, or fix up their homes.

  33. This website offers some real advice for clearing debts:, but in general I don’t believe there are a lot of grants available outside of special programs designed for small business programs for women and/or minority owned businesses. There are also programs available for college students in need of financial aid. See the link for the existing debt, the first thing to do is list all of your debts from smallest balance to largest balance. Do this for everything (car payments, student loans, credit card debt, etc.). After you take care of your monthly bills, like utilities, rent, and food, pay the minimum payments on all of the debts except for the smallest one. On that one, pay as much as you can every month until it’s paid off. Once that’s done, take the minimum from the second debt and add it to the money that was going to the first debt, and pay that towards debt #2. Once that’s paid off, do the same to debt #3, then #4, and so on until they are all paid off.close down military bases overseas

  34. Get rid of liberals and stop paying people to sit on their couch.Yes there are a lot of programs advertised on TV. Almost all of them are debt settlement or negotiation companies over marketing the wrong solution for most people. There are also programs that accelerate your debt where they do the work for you as a service you pay for. These can save you a fortune and the work is done for you through an advanced bill pay system that follows their system. The best programs work extremely well and have been around for at least 8 – 12 years.

  35. If you really feel that you can do this on your own then you should learn about budgeting and the snowball method and get to it right away. If you find you aren’t getting it done, whether it is not enough time, not having the discipline, or some other reason then you should look at an automated program to make sure it gets done. You end up paying a very small percentage of what you save and you end up light years ahead of where you will end up on your own.

  36. The book Start Late and Finish Rich suggests you brownbag everything you usually buy, like lattes, lunch, and so on. Use the ‘found’ money towards debt.


  38. Get leftists out of office.3. Build up an emergency savings account. Usually 3 months worth of your monthly costs is enough.These are 3 steps that will help you both now and in the long run. Please take them seriously as they will help you prioritize and settle into the financial path that you desire. I say, if your splurge on shopping created this stress in your life, be willing to roll up your sleeves a little higher and take on that 2nd job. Make it as quick and as painless as possible. You’ll be less stressed and greatful that not only are your shopping bills gone but you’re also doing something for you future.

  39. Remove barriers to entry for new businesses to startOnce you know how much money you can use for debt reduction, look at your debts and pay the highest interest rate one first. That is the one that is costing you the most money. So go above those minimum payments to get this one out of your hair.See if you can find some organization to sponsor your college tuition, I’ve heard there are many out there but can’t provide you with any. I’m sure some other person on this site can possibly help you. Ask them. I know it ain’t much but that’s all I can offer right now.

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