How Long Does Chegg Rent Books For

2 weeks before college classes start, how do I prepare.

I applied to my local community college recently, I know it’s not a big jump, however I’ve been out of school for 3 years already. I’m 20 years old and graduated 2010 (I was 17) and was never a classroom kind of girl, but I’m a fantastic writer and speaker so I thought I’d make communications...

You’re not too far behind, a lot of college students take a long time due to changing their majors, or having to retake classes (like me). A four year degree is almost impossible unless you have no job and take 17 credit hours a semester. I’m going to take two or three years longer than I originally intended.I have no idea what kind of books you need, but if thy are books you have no interest in keeping, the best thing to do is rent them from, or somewhere similar. That’s much cheaper than buying them, and you usually can’t get back anything close to the original price if you buy and then re-sell. If you do buy your books, buy used. Not nearly as cheap as renting, but still cheaper than buying them. Avoid your campus bookstore if possible, because they’ll generally charge more than other places.Sit in the front of the classroom, especially if you get a large class in a large lecture hall. You can hear better, and thee will be less distraction. I don’t know if you’ll have lecture halls like I’m used to (250 students or so) where you’re going to school, but students sitting in the middle generally talk some, and those sitting in the back are those that don’t want the professor to notice that they skip, FaceBook during class, etc. Also, in the back, you can’t see or hear as well, which applies to any size classroom.I put my schedule on my Google calendar on my smartphone with reminders for where I have to be anywhere, and locations for all my classes, This really helps me personally. You can also probably find apps for to-do lists (I think Google calendar does this as well) and such that will help you keep on top of things.Good luck with your first semester!

Paying for college. Questions. Help.

I am about to be an incoming freshmen to a community college.I have 75% Bright Futures – which does not cover books – and a $4,900 a year pell grant under my belt.Rent(including ALL utilities) is $589.00 a month and I have to be a full time student to live there, in order to be a full time student I have to…

Last semester, I worked on average 54 hours a week while taking 5 classes/15 credit hours. I finished with a 3.60 GPA. I go to a big university.I also have a couple loans. If possible, avoid private lenders like Sallie Mae. They suck. I would recommend only taking out Federal loans.Sometimes it’s hard. You may live paycheck to paycheck and barely get by each month – but hey, you’re a student! You won’t be in this situation for very long.If you’re only working 20 hours, you’ll be fine. It shouldn’t be hard to juggle that on top of homework and studying. Just spend a minimum of 1-2 hours a day studying/doing homework.How much do you think you will spend on books? Check online on websites like Amazon and Chegg. Renting books is A LOT cheaper than buying. I’ve had a lot of luck with Amazon. I just bought (not rent!) 3 books from the Marketplace for $62, shipping included. Buying the books from the bookstore would have cost close to $350. 2nd grade reading level books online free

Do I qualify for financial aid.

How much do I qualify for financial aid?My mom is a single mom with 4 kids, she make less than 20k a year.I’m a senior in high school with a 3.67 gpa and I really want to go to my state university but I can’t afford it. I’m scared financial aid won’t cover it.

More than likely you will qualify for some sort of financial aid. First things first, FAFSA applications open up for the 2014 (Fall)/2015 (Spring) year January 1, 2014, that is when you can stat filling out your application. But you will need your mom’s tax information and you will both need to apply for a PIN. Go to where you can get the information for when and how to apply for a parent and student PIN, as well as where you will fill out your information for FAFSA. On this same site you can go to the FAFSA4Caster and just pop in a few numbers (income, assests, etc.) to see you you might possibly qualify for as far as the Pell Grant goes and loans. This will help you in estimating what you might possibly get. But you won’t know what the university has to offer you as far as a financial aid package until you’ve applied, been accepted and accepted their offer. However they do utilize the information that you put on your FAFSA form so make sure to do that right away (again, it opens up on January 1, 2014 for the 2014/2015 school year Fall/Spring).Another thing to consider is possibly a community college where you can take most or all of your general education classes as well as some other classes towards your career goal (as long as they all transfer over). But you should still fill out the FAFSA form as it will help with community college as well. Going the way of a community college and then transferring will help reduce the cost of your tuition and you’ll still get a good if not better education.Now as far as books go, to help reduce cost and save you some money, definitely don’t buy new if you can help it. And you don’t have to buy from the school, you can buy new, used or rent online. My daughter & I both rent as many of our books as we can from online sources (,,,,, etc.). Renting will definitely save you a bundle of money.Check with your school resources as far as local scholarships go. Most high schools have a list of all the local businesses and organizations that have scholarships you can apply for. A few years ago when my daughter was a senior in high school she applied to all that she qualified for and got the local Rotary Club’s scholarship. Also, if you do go to a community college, they also offer scholarships from local sources so check their website or go into their counseling office/student resources and get their list, and apply when it’s the appropriate time.And going back to the FAFSA form, prior to filling out the information starting Jan 1, 2014, I would print the form and pre-fill it out so you can just pop the information in when it’s time as their system does time-out periodically and this will save you time.Good luck!!Patricia

College students please help with textbooks.

How long did your professors give you to get the required books?I heard that most of the time you don’t know what books you need until the first class. This for me would be a Thursday for some and Friday for the rest. I’m wondering if I’ll have time to look at options, like Chegg, I’d use 2 day…

You can still buy your books online or rent them without getting them in advance. It’s true that you don’t want to get them too early because buying them or renting them online is kind of a hassle to return. However, you can always buy them from the bookstore if you really need them until your books come in through the mail. Just make sure you note the last return date for your college bookstore (usually 2 weeks from the first day of class).

college textbooks…..

where is the best/ cheapest place for me to order my textbooks online? i have heard is a good site, but i’ve always been a little freaked out about buying online. how do you really know you will get what you paid for? is this also a good place to resell my books from this semester that i will no longer… It’s rental site. Usually the best thing to do is rent. If the buyback price for your book is high though, you should buy it and then sell it later. I usually sell my books to chegg. Use this code: cc101135. It works for renting and selling on chegg. (A discount on the rental and more money at buyback.)Good luck!

do you think i would need the textbooks for these classes.

i am going to community college (specifically SCCC) and two of the classes i am taking are Communications 101 and Freshman seminar 101. now on the school website it said the books are required for the class. Now, i have heard of many stories where the professor told them at the last minute that they didn’t not…

Rent them on Chegg or buy older editions on Amazon.There’s really no need to ever step inside of your college bookstore unless the book you need is specifically made for your school (or it’s cheaper there than online). All you need to do is plan ahead and be aware of shipping costs.

How am I going to pay for tuition…..

I applied for financial aid and everything and I received enough money to pay for tuition and books.I was sooo happy until I read on the website that you don’t recieve the disbursement of the money until 30 days after school starts.I don’t know what to do because books are going to cost me $600…

You can see your financial aid office is book vouchers are available for use in the book store.Realistically, I would recommend finding out what books you need (you can do this by looking in the bookstore), and finding them online to rent or buy used. Good sites are Chegg,, Bookrenter, and Amazon. I’ve always been a full-time student and ever spent more than $200 per semester.

How long can this money last me in College.

I calculated it, and I should have $9,520 saved for college. This is only out of pocket and screw around money, but if i control myself, how far do you predict this can go?

School- about 4 months a semester, about four weeks a month, 7 days a week. . . hmmmschool gear: (jacket, sweats or shorts) –> $200Books: $700, if you use Chegg maybe $300 /semesterPartying every weekend: ($40-60 a night) –> 1,920 /semesterFood/Snacks—> $400 /semesterToiletries —> roughly $400/semesterTransportation—> $500 /semesterYou’re good! people over exaggerate. Unless you have planned some mad shopping spree :)This equals about $7,440 for an entire year. Which leaves you with a little extra!Here’s a code to help you with your books if you rent with Chegg: 5% off CC127408And if you ever buy on amazon, you can save on shipping by signing up a college account(just passing the word as a fellow college student) 🙂

Renting books for college.

I might use has anyone used it? Did you have any problems? How long does it take to get your books?

My friend swears by Chegg. I’ve use them before but the 2 main ones that I use are and both of which are excellent. I’ve found that ecampus seems to be a bit cheaper than bookrenter and both are cheaper then Chegg. I check out ecampus first and if they don’t have the book I need to rent then I go to bookrenter, Chegg is my 3rd choice.Check out ecampus & bookrenter before you just up & rent from Chegg. See how their prices compare on the books you need to rent.Renting instead of buying new or used is definitely the way to go. Even the local junior college in my town is now starting to rent books to students. Someone mentioned, yes they have some cheap books but it still doesn’t compare to renting & also you’re basically at the mercy of the party who is shipping it which usually means media mail & that takes forever.Good luck!

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  1. You will most likely qualify for financial aid. Just make sure to apply for FAFSA the day it opens!!! The money is first come first serve for those that do qualify. The only way to ensure your chances of getting fin. aid is to apply. Good luck!I’ve put this in list form since you had a lot of questions. I hope they’ll help to answer all your questions:

  2. Maybe you can get a job or sign up for a credit card, and then charge the books and pay it back later with the money from financial aid. You can always order your books online, it’s much cheaper. When I was in college, I ordered my books online all the time. I ended up saving a lot of money! Just go to amazon or ebay or even barnes and noble. Shop and compare. Hope I helped some.

  3. Save Money, Save The PlanetTextbooks are a well-known racket. Publishers often create new editions not because the content has changed, but because most students will think they need the new edition and the used books become relatively obsolete. Unless you’re in a cutting edge technology class, you’ll often be fine with the used books.

  4. is a great place to rent books for less. It depends on where you are for the books to be shipped. In California, my books came within a week. I did not have any problems when using it.

  5. You’re supposed to pay your books out of pocket. You’re going to have to learn that you should always have money set aside for emergencies.

  6. But you know what is probably going to really piss you off down the line? When you spend $100 on a book, then find out it is just loose sleeves of paper that as soon as you open to put in a binder, you can’t sell back for money.I use They are a textbook search engine that searches all the online textbook retailers (including amazon, half, ebay etc) and rental sites (including chegg, bookrenter etc) to find you the best prices. You can even use them at the end of the semester to search for resellers to sell your books to.

  7. You could always try used college book stores (we have one across the street form my school, its really convient) and since the seminar class you’re taking is required, check around your school for students selling their copy of the book. Lots of them are pretty cheap.i could recommend renting books. they are greater much cheap than procuring new books, and are in many situations greater much cheap than procuring used books. shops pay infrequently any money to purchase the books lower back from you on the top of the 300 and sixty 5 days, and if a clean addition of your e book is being released at any time in the subsequent 3 hundred and sixty 5 days, they gained’t purchase it in any respect. Renting is a thank you to bypass.

  8. If your aunt is a professor, and she photocopies textbooks and gives them to students, she is unethical, stealing, and could lose her job and never get another teaching position.

  9. Room and board means dorm AND meal plan (room – dorm; board – meal plan). If your tuition and room and board are taken care of $9,520 can last you at least a couple of years. You’d only be spending money on books, transportation and social events.

  10. Talk to the aid office at your school. Some schools will give you a voucher for your books, which will be refunded once your aid comes in. Others can give you a small emergency loan to cover your specializes in the recycling of textbooks, DVDs, CDs. Buying used textbooks not only saves you money, but cuts down on greenhouse gases caused by the manufacturing of new textbooks.

  11. Summer School: Take two very easy class’s and make A’s.Take hard class’s in the Fall.If you were awarded enough financial aid to cover your tuition and books the school is required to make your funds available for books at the start of the term. They may allow you to charge your books against your account at the bookstore or give you a voucher. Talk to the bookstore.

  12. I must say $1000 sounds a bit dubious to me. You do not need all of the “suggested” or “recommended” books. Just get the course textbook. A lot of people have given you some great tips already so I wont repeat them. My first impression to your question is: Well then you can’t afford to take the class. So take a look at what you are spending your money on. Many people claim to not be able to afford things but have plenty of money for things that are not essential. I have no idea it this applies to you or not but always check your priorities. Secondly, six classes is A LOT. Are you sure you can handle that course load? If you can’t afford it financially then I suspect you are a working student like I was. As a working student I could only reasonably handle around 12 units. Any more and my grades suffered. Your answer may be to take less classes instead. Very few people actually graduate in 4 years anymore anyway. Oh yea, one of the things I found out too late was that the previous edition of the textbook is very cheap and 90% identical to the new edition. Sometimes all that changed was the order of the chapters and the pictures were more fancy. So don’t believe that you must have the latest edition to make A’s in the class in all cases.

  13. 2. A classic notebook or composition book. Not a laptop or tablet. Despite what you see in movies, most college students use just one plain old notebook (at least, the ones who’ve been in college for more than a quarter). You can always tell a freshman/noobie if they pull out a laptop, multi-subject notebook, a tablet with a fancy keyboard attachment, etc. Try picking a notebook in your favorite color or one with something you like on it (mine has kittens). It’s a good way for people to meet you and it says you’re fun. Keep your notes straight for multiple classes by labeling the top of each page with the name of the class or use different colored pens for each different class. No need to carry around multiple notebooks. It’s a waste of money and space and it’s easy to forget one at home if you have to keep track of more than one in the morning.

  14. 3. Pens. Bring a couple, since they can get lost or you can lend one to someone if they forgot there’s (it’s a good way to get on the good side of people sitting next to you in class, which is always helpful). Have at least 3-4 black pens for assignments and test. But, for note taking pick a color you enjoy. It makes life a little more fun. Sometimes I use purple or green. Have one #2 pencil in case you take a test which is graded by a computer and requires you use pencil. But DON’T WRITE IN PENCIL unless you’re in a math class or a professor specifically tells you to use them. Most professors don’t like them.

  15. I never bought my books till after first day of class.Also, look into scholarships and grants and if all else fails, loans.

  16. The books you need should be given somewhere on your class schedule or on the bookstore website, or you will find out on the first day of class.Likewise, most schools won’t make you pay your tuition if your aid is pending. Talk to financial aid at your school.

  17. that’s the comparable right here too. i’m a school scholar and that i want facebook for the reason which you could only positioned up pictures and remark on human beings’s profiles without all that greater rubbish. I never used Myspace, yet I did use Bebo in intense college. It became all a stupid opposition to verify who had the main profile perspectives and the main pals and the prettiest history. and that may not be the rationalization why i needed to apply it. So I switched to facebook and each person there’s slightly greater mature and would not take it too heavily.

  18. If you want to look like a pro college student, all you need is3. Your smartphone won’t help you despite what you’ve seen on tv commercials. They’re just trying to make money. In fact, most professors have a strong dislike of phones and some will go so far as to kick you out of class if they see them because it offends them. They figure if they’re taking time to teach you, you should be paying attention. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking notes on it or playing Candy Crush Saga. They can’t tell the difference and they assume every time that it’s Candy Crush Saga. Most hate it if cell phones go off (once by accident is usually ok if you apologize a lot, but twice is bad news) and in general the bright screen annoys people around you (same as laptops). Most professors actually ask that you don’t bring them to class unless you have to.

  19. 4. You shouldn’t feel like a loser. People start school at all different times. I’m 24 an a senior at my university, and it amazed me how many people are my age here (having transferred same as me). It’s actually more common these days to meet someone who transferred from a community college or another university than it is someone who’s been going to the same school all 4 years.

  20. i do not know whether this might help but give it a try. i bought used books that says good condition but they are excelent.

  21. 1. To find which books you need you can either go to your colleges bookstore and ask someone to help you out, or you can wait till the first day of classes are write down which ones you need (if any) and then get them at the bookstore. You won’t need them for the first day of class. It’s not like in Legally Blonde when Elle was supposed to read a chapter in her textbook before the first day of class. In reality (or at least, everywhere except Harvard) the first day is spent reviewing the syllabus. The syllabus contains things like the schedule for the class, assignments, tests, and of course what books you’ll need.Next thing your family knows you will be the big shot making a six figure and spoiling them rotten.

  22. you’ll see the links specificly about this on the left and the right side so you dont have to go and search everywhere

  23. Chegg is ok, but I would suggest buying your used books off They have good prices for used books and you can sell them back once the semester is over and get money.

  24. I completely understand your frustration. I would put the money for the books aside and wait and see.I am pretty sure you ‘ll qualify but my suggestion is to talk to your school’s (hs) college advisor

  25. 2. Where you sit really isn’t that big of a deal. I usually sit somewhere in the middle, closer to the front than back, but it’s more important that you sit in a spot where you can hear and see comfortably and where you won’t be distracted. I’d avoid sitting next to a window if you tend to space-out, sitting under a vent that can blow cold air on you, or sitting behind someone with a computer. That last one sounds strange, but people with computers can be one of the biggest distractions in a classroom. Most Someones facebook page or solitaire game will distract you no matter how hard you fight it. At my university, most professors actually have a rule now that people with laptops are confined to sit in one small section of the room to avoid complaints that they are distracting people.

  26. chegg is your best bet they ship fast you can pay for expedited shipping and use this coupon to get 11% off you order which will make up for the extra you paid for shipping CC127509

  27. I did go to the Universities Library and they had many or the required text books that you could check out. I never have figured out why most people don’t know this. I suppose they just do not think out-side the box.

  28. Yes, you’re going to need the books. Don’t believe everything you hear from your friends.5. A snack (or 5). Colleges charge a lot for food and snacks, bring things from home to munch on in class. Try to pick things that don’t make too much noise (aka, no chip bags). Put things that do make noise in baggies. Professors don’t mind if you eat as long as you’re quiet.I have bought many textbooks online without problem. is good — just carefully read the description so you know the condition of the book and the edition. Ask your teacher if an older edition of the book might work, as you can save LOTS of money. Just be aware that page numbers may not match up, but the content is usually quite similar.

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