How Many Dark Tower Books

What is the Dark Tower Series about. Also are IT, The Stand, and Desperation Dark Tower Books.

I have the Book Dark Tower 7 The Dark Tower and The Wind Through The Keyhole. I have never read any of the books, but I don’t understand how the series is tied into. The Front page of the Wind book has a list of Dark Tower related works, it shows titles like It, The Stand, and Despartion. I have seen all of…

The Dark Tower series is, when overly simplified, about a gunslinger and his supernatural quest to the engine that is the center of all existence: the Dark Tower. To explain more would practically give it away, but the series crosses over between a huge number of universes, including those of King’s other books and characters. It is, without a doubt, the most expansive and greatest series of books I have ever read, but be warned: it’s not for everybody!The books you mentioned are referenced or alluded to or have aspects included in the Dark Tower books. In one of the Dark Tower books, the characters cross over through the universe of The Stand, for example. And in fact, The Dark Tower books encompass most of King’s works in at least some or many ways. All of his books are separate, but are brought together in some ways within The Dark Tower.As David said, I agree that you should start reading the Dark Tower books from the beginning. If the first book doesn’t hook you, then the second one definitely will. And just in case you don’t know, here they are in order:1. The Gunslinger2. The Drawing of the Three3. The Waste Lands4. Wizard and Glass5. The Wolves of the Calla6. Song of Susannah7. The Dark TowerAnd The Wind Through the Keyhole is between 4 and 5, and is an amazing book like with the others.Also, don’t worry about any of King’s other books, in regards to the Dark Tower. All of his books are their own, but they obtain a new layer to them once you read The Dark Tower.Cheers!

how many books does stephen king have.

how many books does he have and where can i download them for free

1. 14082. All That You Love Will Be Carried Away3. Apt Pupil4. Autopsy Room Four5. Bag of Bones6. The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet7. Battleground8. Beachworld9. Big Wheels: A Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman #2)10. Black House11. Blaze (Written as Richard Bachman)12. The Body13. The Boogeyman14. The Breathing Method15. Brooklyn August16. Cain Rose Up17. Carrie18. Cell19. Chattery Teeth20. Children of the Corn21. Christine22. The Colorado Kid23. Creepshow I24. Crouch End25. Cujo26. Cycle of the Werewolf27. Danse Macabre28. The Dark Half29. The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger30. The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three31. The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands32. The Dark Tower IV: Wizard & Glass33. The Dark Tower V: Wolves of The Calla34. The Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah35. The Dark Tower VII: The Dark Tower36. The Dead Zone37. The Death of Jack Hamilton38. Dedication39. Desperation40. Different Seasons41. The Doctor’s Case42. Dolan’s Cadillac43. Dolan’s Cadillac44. Dolores Claiborne45. Dreamcatcher46. The End of the Whole Mess47. Everything’s Eventual48. Everything’s Eventual49. The Eyes of the Dragon50. The Fifth Quarter51. Firestarter52. For Owen53. Four Past Midnight54. From a Buick 855. Gerald’s Game56. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon57. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon58. Gramma59. Graveyard Shift60. Gray Matter61. The Green Mile 1: The Two Dead Girls62. The Green Mile 2: The Mouse on the Mile63. The Green Mile 3: Coffey’s Hands64. The Green Mile 4: The Bad Death of Edward Delacroix65. The Green Mile 5: Night Journey66. The Green Mile 6: Coffey on the Mile67. The Green Mile68. Head Down69. Hearts in Atlantis70. Here There Be Tygers71. Home Delivery72. The House on Maple Street73. I Am the Doorway74. I Know What You Need75. In The Deathroom76. Insomnia77. It78. It Grows on You79. The Jaunt80. Jerusalem’s Lot81. L.T.’s Theory of Pets82. The Langoliers83. The Last Rung on the Ladder84. The Lawnmower Man85. The Ledge86. The Library Policeman87. Lisey’s Story88. Little Sisters of Eluria89. The Long Walk90. Luckey Quarter91. Lunch at the Gotham Cafe92. The Man in the Black Suit93. The Man Who Loved Flowers94. The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands95. The Mangler96. Memory97. Misery98. The Mist99. The Monkey100. Morning Deliveries (Milkman #1)101. The Moving Finger102. Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut103. My Pretty Pony104. My Pretty Pony (limited edition)105. My Pretty Pony106. Needful Things107. The Night Flier108. Night Shift109. Night Surf110. Nightmares & Dreamscapes111. Nona112. On Writing113. One for the Road114. Paranoid: A Chant115. Pet Sematary116. The Plant117. Popsy118. Quitters, Inc.119. The Raft120. Rage121. Rainy Season122. The Reach123. The Reaper’s Image124. The Regulators125. Riding the Bullet126. Riding the Bullet127. Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption128. Road Virus Heads North, The129. Roadwork130. Rose Madder131. The Running Man132. Salem’s Lot133. Secret Window, Secret Garden134. Secret Windows135. The Shining136. Six Stories137. Skeleton Crew138. Sneakers139. Sometimes They Come Back140. Sorry, Right Number141. The Stand142. The Stand, The Complete and Uncut Edition143. Storm of the Century144. Strawberry Spring145. Suffer the Little Children146. The Sun Dog147. Survivor Type148. The Talisman149. The Ten O’Clock People150. That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French151. Thinner152. Tommyknockers153. Trucks154. Umney’s Last Case155. Uncle Otto’s Truck156. The Wedding Gig157. The Woman in the Room158. Word Processor of the Gods159. You Know They’ve Got a Hell of a Band Pokemon books for free

Does LOTR relate to the Dark Tower books.

I was told they have similar worlds or something idk.Just started watchin LOTr but read one of the Dark Tower books so im just curious thats all.

Yes, LOTR has inspired many fantasy stories including King’s Dark Tower series. The Tolkien stories actually created the genre and pretty much made a templet of how fantasy novels should be written. Comparing the two, however, you find totally different types of characters as well as completely different settings and times. LOTR was set in the distant past and the Dark Tower series is set well into the future. That and King’s stories smack of alternate universes that probably run together providing an element of sci-fi that you never see in Tolkien’s works. Still and all the good vs. evil elements are very similar in both.

Books related to Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

I know that many Stephen King books relate to the Dark Tower Series. Does anyone know all of them, and how they are connected?? Please don’t ruin the DT series for me, its on my list to read. Thank you.

1 Gunslinger2 The drawing of the three3 Wastelands4 Wizard and glass5 Wolves of calla6 Song of Susannah7 The dark towerNow he has The gunslinger born. It goes way back to before the series started. I have read all of them and it is a great series to read. Sometimes he goes way out in left field but once you get used to them you will enjoy them. I hope you like them. A great place to order is They have great books at good prices.

What do you think of Stepehn Kings Dark Tower series..

Also do you know which book he was working on, from the series, when he had his accident (hit by mini-van).

I enjoyed “Dark Tower” over all, though I thought it got a little self-indulgent from time to time. There is a long break between book four, “Wizard and Glass” published in 97, and “Wolves of the Calla”, released in 2003.As others have stated, King’s accident was June 1999 – and since both the accident and King himself appear in the final three books, I’d have to say ‘Wolves’ or ‘Song of Susannah’. may have been what he was working on as far as Dark Tower was concerned – though writers are know to conceive, write and constuct entirelly out of order of publication.

How many books are actually in the dark tower series of Stephen king.

Try not to give any spoilers, I’m startin the 5th book today, but I know there is 7. The last being “the dark tower”, but I think there are others like “the long road home” which I’m pretty sure are shorter. I’m hoping for all the names of the books pertaining to the series , and in…

The Dark Tower: The GunslingerThe Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the ThreeThe Dark Tower III: The Waste LandsThe Dark Tower IV: Wizard and GlassThe Dark Tower V: Wolves of the CallaThe Dark Tower VI: Song of SusannahThe Dark Tower VII: The Dark TowerThe Dark Tower: The Wind Through the Keyhole

How many books are in Stephen Kings Dark Tower series.

Is it worth reading them all? Im a big fan of his, just not a big fan of serial novels.

There are 7 books in the main series. They are:1. The Gunslinger2. The Drawing of the Three3. The Wastelands4. Wizards and Glass5. The Wolves of the Calla6. Susanna’s Song7. The Dark TowerThere are several books that have ties to the Dark Tower Series. They are:1. The Stand2. It3. The Regulators4. Desperation5. Insomnia6. The Eyes of the Dragon7. ‘Salem’s LotHope this helps you. I enjoyed the books. You do need to read them all, he refers back to things that happened in previous books. The 2nd set just gives you a bit of backround on some of the charaters, and explains some interesting things.

how many books in the Dark Tower series.

There are 8here is a list of them in order:1. The gunslinger (1982)2. The drawing of the three (1987)3. The waste lands (1991)4. Wizard and glass (1997)5. Wolves of the calla (2003)6. Song of susannah (2004)7. The dark tower (2004)8. The wind through the key hole (2012)your welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

How many of the dark tower books from stephen king did he re write.

I was given the first 4 books from Stephen King’s Dark Tower for my birthday. It seems however that I have the re worked version from stephen king (he says this in his foreword). I need to know if he re did the entire series or just the first 4 books. I am at the end of the 4th book and I can’t find…

Pretty sure that he only re-wrote portions of the first four books. I’d have to go back and look, but he was on hiatus from writing The Dark Tower series when he was hit by a minivan and almost lost his life. That was the impetus that got him back into working on Roland’s tale. If I remember correctly, he went back and re-wrote portions of the first four books after he wrote the fifth book and had a working outline for the sixth and seventh (he wanted everything to match up and he knew there were some glaring discrepancies). Bear in mind that he only changed stuff around — he didn’t completely re-write the first four books.

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  1. how can I find out if it’s legit? can someone recommend a place with similar prices that you can vouch for?

  2. Rose Madderi am a technician. the keys online you can search are not accepted by ms. they may not work after 3 months.He re-did the first two because a) he wrote them originally when he was so young and b) developments in future novels made some changes to the first two necessary.

  3. The ShiningInsomniaIt4: Wizard and GlassI love the Dark Tower series. It was easily King’s best work. I like how the characters tie into other books of his. I thought it was funny how he wrote himself into the story, lol.

  4. I liked the series very much. The story was compelling and I enjoyed all the references to his other books. To me the ending was disappointing, not predictable, not original and disappointing. That is all I will say, don’t want to spoil anybody’s reading experiences.

  5. Black House (via the term opopanax)It(not sure about precise titles of the books cause have read them in translation)

  6. He was hit by a van in 1999 and according to a previous poster and Wikipidia he was reworking parts of On Writing.

  7. Lisey’s StoryThere are 7 books. For me, the best books were the middle with the 1st and 7th books being disappointments. If you’re a big fan of his you’ll probably enjoy it enough to make it worth reading. You can think of 1,2,3,5,6,7 as making up just one REALLY long novel (they flow together pretty well) as opposed to books in a series. The fourth one veers off course a lot.

  8. The last three are The Wolves of Calla, Song of Susanna and The Dark Tower.โ€™Salem’s LotThe DT series connects to lots of other Stepen King books. ‘Salem’s Lot, The Shining, The Stand, Bag of Bones, Insomnia, Black House, and Eyes of the Dragon just to name a few. A few short stories of his connect into the DT universe too (the only ones I can name off the top of my head are Everything’s Eventual, Lunch at the Gotham Cafe, and The Little Sisters of Eluria). He even connects the 1999 car accident that almost killed him into the series.

  9. Someone recommended me this site, and, truly speaking, the price attracted me at the first sight, but i am quite suspicious to the site.Yes, they are definitely worth reading

  10. Hearts in Atlantis4a:The Wind Through the KeyholeCan’t forget Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came, by Robert Browning. It’s directly from King himself that this was the inspiration for his DT series.

  11. The Standspecific. Stephen King has been writing for over 40 years and with 800 million novels in print. He won’t be able to be beat. The darkish Tower sequence. a million. The Gunslinger 2. Drawing of the three 3. The Wastelands 4. Wizard and Glass 5. Wolves of Calla 6. music of Susannah 7. The darkish Tower. One large tale in seven novels. The final 3 have maximum of pages, they arrive in 2 volumes. a number of years returned Stephen king have been given hit by technique of a van whilst walking. He have been given all forms of e mail with human beings questioning if he replaced into ever going to end the sequence. He no longer basically complete the sequence. He included his accident into the sequence. Over twenty years in the making, so as that they have got been began long earlier all of the “puff sequence” that are out now. <}:- })

  12. Stephen King mentioned in the beginning of the series that he was inspired by LOTR to write it. I have read all 7 books, and it is like LOTR in the sense that these travellers are on an adventure to go to the Dark Tower. Thats the only thing common I guess. Its a very good series, you should read it if you liked LOTR ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. He was working on On Writing: A Memior of the Craft when he was hit. As for Dark Tower, I haven’t got a chance to read it yet.

  14. 3 The magician and the CrystalI loved the series. I strongly recommend you start with book 1, The Gunslinger and then read the books in order. Wind in the Keyhole can be read between 4 and 5.

  15. The Waste LandsEverything’s Eventual4. Waste landsThe original set was 7 books but just released a new Dark Tower Novel called The Wind Through the Keyhole.

  16. Song of Susannahalmost all of them are related to the dark tower. i can’t name them all but It, the Stand, Needful Things, Desperation…anyway, go read the dark tower series, the first book is awesome and i believe it was book four that was my favorite, which is Roland’s childhood. Then they get pretty crappy, in my opinion, and the sixth book and seventh are unbearable. So close to un-readable; and i am a big King fan. but, i’ve heard other people say they like the whole series, so whatever

  17. Stephen King has crossover characters in the books. The Dark Tower series is kind of the hub of it all.2. The drawing of the three6: Song of Susannah

  18. via wikipedia, i have read most of these books and agree that they all have something even if its just the mention of a name connected to the dark tower series

  19. He had from The Gunslinger to Wizard and Glass written, then he was hit by a car, then he wrote Wolves of the Calla to the Dark Tower.

  20. 1. The gunslingerthen i asked some professional questions to their service team. i was satisfied with their reply.Cell (via the mentioning of Charlie the Choo Choo)

  21. It2: The Drawing of the ThreeThe Eyes of the DragonThere are 7 books in all. Check out Amazon; they are all on sale.The Stand (via Randall Flagg)

  22. 7. The dark towerThe Eyes of the DragonThe TalismanThough The Wind Through the Keyhole was written recently, it tells the story of what happens after Wizard and Glass and just before Wolves of the Calla starts.

  23. i dicided to buy one. after careful test, the key they provided did work and support all the updates. it’s trustable.From a Buick 8 (via HiA; Officer Dieffenbacker)No offense to the great storyteller, but there’s not much significance among the other books. If your concern is whether you can read the DT series without reading the other books, the answer is yes, you can. The other books give you a broader picture of who some of the characters are, kind of tell you ther background, how they got there, and some long standing issues they have that have come into play in the DT series, but you won’t miss out anything in DT if you haven’t read the other books. But read them, too, if you want to have that knowing smile while reading the DT series.

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