How To Decorate Bookshelves Without Books

Organization and decorating tips.

Can you give me organization tips for school, room, and life? I am in 7th grade (girl) and my room is square shaped and it is pink. On one wall is my door and closet which has mirror doors and inside i have 3 shelves on the right side. On another wall I have a window. On the wall opposite of my closet is another…

As a 7th grader, I can understand why you want to get organized. You have so many things you are juggling in life. If you don’t want to buy any pre-made ottoman storage benches, bookshelves, baskets or netting, then I’d suggest checking out frugal living home decor DIY sites. With your parents’ permission you might want to check out DIY home storage through Pinterest.

Off to College. Can ya’ll help me with cheapie decorating.

I’m leaving for Texas A&M in about a week, and I am searching, searching, searching for some hard to find, cheap things. Right now I’m looking for a non-halogen desk lamp (less than $15), a twin size comforter (without the sheets and all that jazz, less than $50), nice comfy pillows that aren’t firm,…

First: get a theme going. Use a color theme, an animal theme, etc.-Desk lamp: Target or Wal-Mart-Comforter: Shop sales at any store–be sure to get the Extra Long sheets. From experience, don’t get a down comfortor. Not worth it.-Pillows: Shop sales and you don’t have to have them all. Collect them over time. You’ll be happier in the long run.-Rug: Depending on size, you can sometimes get a better deal by going to a local carpet store and asking for scraps. Just have them bind the edges.-Floor Lamp: Talk to your roomate first. She may be bringing one.-Decor: 1) pictures of family and friends, 2) wallpaper (tacked up) 3) Wrapping paper (tacked up) 4) Covers of your favorite magazine. A friend of mine covered her walls with laminated copies of Rolling Stone covers!======Things you forgot:1) Bins for storage: hold off until you actually see how much storage you actually have2) Hooks to put on the wall: for the towels and robes3) Shower Caddy: Especially if you’re sharing a bathroom.4) Picture Frames: to put near your desk5) Humidifier: Trust me on this one6) A fan: Trust me on this one–you can get them on sale in October, if you can wait that long7) A jewelry box you can use to hold your deodorant and other things you don’t want everyone in the world to see.8) A file holder to put your assignments9) A BIG calendar: it will help you keep TRACK of those assignments10) SOMEWHERE to put your books11) A bin for food: you want it available, but not so available that you deplete it within a few days.12) A scale, if you are worried13) Personal items from home that you love: Stuffed animals, for example.14) Fish, if you are going to have them.15) Trash can and LOTS of paper for your printer16) Hot Pot Express… : Especially if you like coffee, hot chocolate, tea, or raman Disney books free

How do I redecorate my room without money.

I moved into this house about 6 months ago, and I’ve been waiting to redecorate my room! It’s summer vacation so I figure hey, there’s no better time.Some things you need to know are:-My room is pink, my mom wants to paint it taupe. If I can make the pink “work” with the room, I’m…

When I wanted to decorate my room i managed to pick up some lanterns for $20 and hang them in the corner of my room. I printed out some pictures i liked from the internet and used them to frame a favourite quote :)You can also use pictures to cut into words, i.e. your name, song lyrics etc.Just an idea,but it definitely saved me some money 🙂

I have thousands of vintage and antique bottles from my back yard… can I decorate with them.

I have thousands and lots more out back….I am not going to sell them cause I am no good at it, but I would like to decorate with them….any ideas?…. all sizes and colors little (tiny ones) big, all kinds of shapes…multiples of the same…Thanks!!!

window ledgesabove cabinets, if you have space above themon bookshelves placed here and there between the bookson bookshelves all by themselves without booksa few on end tables, nightstands,or coffee tableson counterson top of the fridgedo any of them have caps, or can they be corked? if yes, clean a bunch real good and fill with flavored oils, olive oil, flavored vinegars, or for some of the tiny ones use for salt, pepper, garlic powder, other spicesclean some real good and fill with water to keep in the fridge, corked, and serve from themthat’s all for now!

I have an old book, published 1854 how can i show/sell it to someone who will appreciate this type of book.

Titled: the autobiography of a landlady of the old school.I found a page where someone was selling the exact same book, the front cover on my copy is missing but the extra thick first page is in place followed by a piece of rice paper then the title page with illustration. The pages are gold trimmed and for…

It’s not worth much without a front cover. No one is buying it as a book collector. Someone might be interested as someone who likes old stories. It’s like my grandmother’s original Beatles albums. Sure, they’re cool, because one has five Beatles and the drummer is Peter Best (the drummer before Ringo Starr), but they’re so scratched up, she could only sell them for $12-$15, so it looks like I get them for my inheritance, simply because no one will pay enough to make selling worth the effort.

How should I decorate my room.

Hello!! I am a 13 year old girl and have NO idea how I should decorate my room. My family lives in a condo. I share a room with my 9, almost 10, year old sister. We have one large closet (not walk in) and another small one on the opposite end of the room. Our beds are pulled apart. We have a rug in the middle of…

Hey, fellow Hunger Games fan here haha! I love decorating my bedroom myself. I’m 15 so yeah simmilar age. ;)The first thing that I LOVE is bunting. It’s so easy to make, and looks really cute. ATM, my room is black, white and deep orange, and since I love THG, I bought a copy of each book off ebay, and made bunting out of it, along with black, white and orange fabrics. Get a few types of material (I have three – orange and white stripe, black and white harlequin pattern, and the cut up books, taking my favourite pages and making bunting out of them. Bunting is so easy to make, google it! You just need your material, and some string/ribbon, so it’s super cheap and easy.I googled that room you mentioned, and it’s really cute. I reccomend you go for a colour scheme like white, lime green or orange, and hot pink or purple. Don’t go too overboard on colour, and keep white as a key colour – it makes everything look a LOT tider and fresh. If your parents are letting you repaint, then I reccomend you paint all your walls white, with a feature wall another colour from your colour scheme. Better still, you could paint splatter the white walls with colours also, or ‘walk’ a thin brush along them to make a few nice wavy lines.Paint any wooden furniture white, too, to make it all tie together more. I also really reccomend you buy a dressing table with any cash you have to decorate. I bought mine from a charity shop since I was broke, but with some help cleaning, sanding and painting from my guy bestfriend, it looks amazing now! I don’t know how I would live without it!I also love my pinboard, and photowall. Basically, I stuck a load of photos together, and bluetacked them to my wall. It looks amazing close up and from further away, and my friends love trying to find themselves in pictures! It also means I don’t need to buy photo frames, since there must be like more than 100 photos up there now! c:I also have a pinboard, which has all sorts of doodles, posters, souviners, etc. on there. It’s also kind of a shrine to Josh Hutcherson and Ed Sheeran hehe.My final thing to do is to buy lots of cheap, plain cushions, and then personalise/decorate them. I have a couple, one says “Real or Not Real?”, one has some of the Little Bird lyrics, and then a bird sillhouette, and another has a drawing of a birdcage (Florence welch’s ‘symbol’. I suggest you search her room too, it’s very beautiful!). I got my friend to decorate the cushions for me, since she’s very artistic, but I’m sure you could do them yourself, esp. if you’re creative.Hope I helped you! +++

How should I decorate this.

I have these bookshelves that make it look like the books are attached to the wall without anything to hold them up. They’re called invisible floating shelves- you’ve probably seen them before. I’m asking for some ideas in how to arrange them to make it look more creative. I have six of them by the way.

you could put them on either side of your tv if it’s wall mounted. if you are just filling a blank wall with them you could do 2 sets of 3 at staggered angles_ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _or_ _ _ __ _

how do decorate my room.

im 15 and My room is black and white with orange accents. For the most parts i like my room it is well decorated except for my shelves i have like 6 2 or 3 foot long shelves in my room that are only like 6 inches wide. I used to have old trophies , precious moments and other childish stuff but now i need new…

Maybe start collecting some things that will fit on those shelves like tea cups or mugs or glasses either in colors and styles that you like or souvenir types; or old style paper weights or candle sticks or…Flowers, Vines and Other PlantsTeens may also want to decorate their bookshelves using real or silk flowers, vines and potted plants. They can place potted orchids, daisies or other favorite plants near the top shelf or directly on top of a medium-sized bookcase. Real potted vines can go on top of the shelf and trail down on both sides without covering the books and other decor pieces. Silk plants can also create a decorative look. Teens can use double-sided tape to attach silk vines along the top and side borders and on the exterior of each shelf. Help them add a few silk flowers to the vines. Hibiscus flowers with vines can create a tropical effect, while roses have a more romantic look. Teens can also place stalks of lavender or sage in vases on certain areas of the bookcase.

how to decorate a child’s room.

I have a 3 years old boy and like to decorate his room that he would absolutely love it. But I have no idea how. Any ideas, links..?Thanks

For the basics, such as paint and bedding – go with plain solid colors. Accent with things he likes, so if he likes trucks, then you can have a truck poster up, framed photos of trucks, a pillowcase with trucks on it, trucks on a bookshelf etc. Basically, the hope is that even if his taste in trucks change, the room can be easily changed to suit without having to repaint and buy new bedding. Too many times people will turn a whole room into a themed thing, and end up having the kid hating it less than a year later.A bookshelf is a great idea to have but keep simple – get a sturdy one that bolts to the wall. Books, toys and other things can be stored there. A little reading area might be good if he’s into that – pile pillows or have a little chair. Some people keep it really simple – they sleep and get dressed in there and have a bedtime reading area.Have him tell you what he would like in his room too! Offer him a choice in bedding, or if he wants a blue/green/red room or whatever – ask him for his favorite color. Consider that you can have one wall a different color than the rest as an accent too. Someone I know has a bright cobalt blue wall and the rest are a soft gray – looks great.This place has lots of room tours that might give you some great ideas :…I’m sure he’ll love whatever you do – keep him involved so he feels like a big boy and you’ll have fun together!

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  1. I’m leaving for Texas A&M in about a week, and I am searching, searching, searching for some hard to find, cheap things. Right now I’m looking for a non-halogen desk lamp (less than $15), a twin size comforter (without the sheets and all that jazz, less than $50), nice comfy pillows that…

  2. Ya know, I just came back from Mars last week. I had dinner in a restaurant there. Great food, but not much atmosphere.

  3. First of all, the economic system goes doing in view that men and women are afraid to spend cash. So, allow your mom recognize that except all of us begin trusting ourselves, no person will ever get out of this concern. The economic system will in no way get larger if we quit giving it what it demands. You die while you do not consume for a REALLY LONG interval of time, correct? Well, equal is going for the economic system. Don’t allow men and women scare you into no longer spending. Just do it accurately. There are many approaches to save lots of on the whole lot. Now, to reply your query: you can not remodel so much if you are no longer spending cash. Take what you have already got an transfer it round. That’s approximately all you’ll be able to do with out spending cash. Figure out what YOU like and might no longer brain dwelling round for a whilst after which do this. If you are petrified of the cash, promote what you are not looking for or wish anymore and with that money, however what you ought to remodel.

  4. Great Mars Poem. I’d say pull up a rock, but there’s been a rock with your name on it from the beginning. Another Gem from a poet of mars.

  5. You can either just go to a store and see what they have for young children or do something different. I read an article on decorating children’s rooms; it stated in order to help stimulate a child’s brain – the room should be decorated in plaids. If you decorate in ‘themes’ – this tends to stiffle their brain thoughts and hinders their thought potential. It’s like if a child loves ‘Disney characters’…they tend to not be able to ‘think outside the box’ when they are older.

  6. It also means that when he likes a new favorite character, all you need is a new poster. To him, that will be a complete makeover!

  7. [/DELDUP]LOCKER:Little kids don’t have really strong decorating feelings, so just about anything you can live with would work.once you placed as much as a writer, you in all probability is in simple terms not requested your age — and in case you’re, LIE. A 13 or 14 year old author is in simple terms not taken heavily. My advice to you is which you may concentration on writing your novel, and don’t even subject approximately getting printed till you have written and/or planned the known public of it. i think that, no count how wonderful your mind’s eye and recommendations, you nevertheless have room to develop as a author. do not make the blunders of believing you comprehend all you could approximately writing. you will spend something of your existence convalescing — perfection is impossible for every person. Take some inventive writing training, and examine lots – you will could see what different writers do properly and what they do badly. %. up a e book on writing — Stephen King’s “On Writing” is a sturdy one, as is Natalie Goodberg’s “Writing Down the Bones”. sturdy luck collectively with your manuscript. i’m hoping you will concentration on writing for writing’s sake, and not on the a techniques-off gratification of being printed. stay humble and stay concentrated. in case you think of you’re all that, you’re in all probability not… yet do not provide up, in simple terms workworkwork to develop.

  8. The fact that you’re missing the cover means it isn’t in “surprisingly great condition.” It isn’t that hard to find a hundred year old book.

  9. But I’d figure out what he likes and work with that. If he likes Spongebob, or Thomas the Train, or some other character, you could grab a comforter and paint the walls one of the colors. A couple posters, maybe some shelves, boxes for toys, and you’re done.

  10. Do you have a Ross store nearby? or go totally retro and try salvation army or another thrift store. to cover the walls, have all your friends sign a sheet or a quilt or blanket to hang. rugs are sometimes on clearance or use or craigslist for cheap ideas and free stuff. Also a piece of canvas painted and treated can be used as a rug. good luck

  11. Off to College! Can ya’ll help me with cheapie decorating?He’ll be thrilled if he sees posters and bed covers of his favorite cartoon character. Any amount of work that you put into painting and decorating is unlikely to be appreciated by him, but if you clean it up with a color you like, and add some posters, then you’ll both be happy!

  12. Hang jeans in closet. Put shirt/sleeves in a clothes bucket. Get a coat rack to hang your purses/hats/belts/ scarves etc.,

  13. well if you’ve already tried target and places like that. than the other place you could try is Ikea or tj max or tuesday morning. try those.

  14. Aggie sports posters are given away free at most of the sporting events and that was what I used every year that I was there.

  15. Besides, ‘themes’ are just phases and must be changed often. By going with plaids…no changes needed.

  16. Well, there are posters only of TH in all the walls xD even in the roof . I have over 100 posters sure ! xD I have too a shelf only for TH things with magazines only of TH , photoposters of TH, my caught on camera and zimmer 483 DVD’s and the disc schrei, room 483 and scream , apart from this I have some pins of TH, my TH speciall edition of scream, one bracer, and I think thas is all XD sure I forgotting something xD I have too a bed for 2 persons with a white dorsel , a very big tv, I don’t know , so many things xD and there are two windows and one balcony….^^ I’m so sorry for mi english

  17. Get a table if u havent already & Get a little mini cabinet droor thingymagig… LOL its to organize ur pens/pencils etcc,the value of a damaged book drops dramatically.The black and white recommendations are recommendations-blowing. as right now as we’ve been decorating an abode on a constrained funds, i found some dazzling frames on clearance sales. With some black (flat) spray paint, all of them right now had a typical seem. in case you like u . s . a ., you could as precise sand a splash on the climate to steer them to slightly distressed. Or, sparkling lines artwork for contemporary residences. besides, the white partitions will artwork superbly with the B/W concept.

  18. Yep I confident did…we did no longer comprehend what intercourse we’ve been having so we desperate on a Sesame street subject. I painted the best 0.5 of each and every wall a cream coloration then the backside 0.5 of each and every wall has a distinctive coloration to combination with subject (pink, blue, eco-friendly, yellow). between the two hues I positioned a Sesame street frieze around. My companion equipped some cabinets and on the best 2 we’ve crammed Sesame street toys besides as 2 decrease outs (Oscar and count type). We incredibly have a height chart and a few blankets and sheets (yet are not used very often). i needed the room to look like a nursery yet in addition be gender impartial. We intend to have some extra little ones so this might incredibly final us. as quickly as we positioned our son into his new room we can beautify that too yet based what he likes on the time.

  19. They would show off best in a window so the light could accentuate their color and design. Try lining a window with glass shelves for display.

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