Minecraft How To Enchant With Books

minecraft damage help.

My friend an i pvp quite a bit on servers, and we came up with what we think is a clever idea. You see, you can enchant regular items, like a stick, with books. no matter how many. so we planned to get a stack of something, and put sharp V knockback II and fire II on it (at least) but after doing some testing on...

yes it does

Can someone explain how the enchantment table in minecraft 1.0.0 works.

I am so confused/

To enchant an item, craft an Enchantment Table, place it on the ground, right-click on it and drag an enchantable item from your inventory onto the square under the book icon. Three randomly chosen enchantments will appear on the menu on the right. The only thing you can know for sure about them is their level, which appears as a number; the alien text is random. You can take the item off and place it on the table again for a different set of enchantments. Or, you can attempt to replace the item on the table with a stack of two or more of any other item from your inventory.Once you choose an enchantment, it will be applied to your item, giving it a glow and one of the special powers detailed below, and you will lose a number of experience levels equal to the level of the enchantment. Enchantments cannot be undone and an item can only be enchanted once.Whenever you place an eligible item on the table, the enchantment levels available are randomly generated for each slot using the formula below. The enchantment level is dependent upon the number of nearby bookshelves(capped at 30) and a “slot factor” of 0.50 for the topmost enchantment slot, 0.66 for the middle slot, and 1.00 for the bottom slot. (If the number of bookshelves is 0, the second two random integers will always be zero.)

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How do I beat the Wither Boss in Minecraft.

yeah me and sum kids got the 3 wither skulls on xbox, none of have any infinty bows and we got like iron armor, how tf do we beat this niqqa

Easy. Dig really far down, until you see bedrock, dig a really long 2X1 tunnel horisontally, like super long, around 40-60 blocks long, and make a room at the end made out of Obsidian. Stand in the tunnel, Spawn him in the room, and let him slowly destroy the blocks of the tunnel, and make sure you stock up on healing potions so you can kill hin easier. get your shiny enchanted diamond sword out, stay deep enough in the tunnel so that you dont get hit but you can hit him, and whack away. The best way for this to be done is by yourself as 1 person alone, as you might hit your friends by standing with them. This personally worked for me, downed the Wither with full health, no potions, prot 1 iron armour, and a sharp 2 dia sword. Its good to invest in a good Diamond sword by enchanting books at level 1 and taking the sharpness or protection books to enchant your armour further, making your weapons semi OP in a short time with little effort. Good luck bro!

some Minecraft questions.

Ok so i am on xbox360 and im not sure what version it is but….1. How do i grow trees, wheat, and sugarcane?2. What is the strongest material for a tool (meaning is it diamond for anything like a hoe,shovel,pickaxe,axe, or sword? can you give me the order of weakest to strongest material?)?3. What is a…

1. Pinch bushes and leaves until you get saplings. Then, place the sapling on grass and it will grow. For sugarcane, all you need to do is place it next to water.2. Diamond is by far the strongest. It goes from least to greatest: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond. One thing to note, gold mines faster than iron, but it also runs out a lot faster, so if you have the option, ise iron instead of gold.3. Go down until you hit bedrock. Then, come up about 5 layers.4. What you probably found was a cave. Caves are very common and are normal to find when mining. The moss stone is a characteristic of caves. They are also called abandoned mine shafts.5. To make a house out of ice, you would need to enchant your pickaxe. You are not able to mine ice regularly. If you don’t know what enchanting is, it is when you use xp to enhance your tools. You would need the enchantment called silk touch. To find out more you can google silk touch enchantment or how to get it.6. I used the first strategy, but then it got too dull and I kept accidentally retracing my steps, so I suggest you go with the second method, unless you are a very organized person.7. Definitely. Try to model a house that you have seen in real life. You can do anything from a model of your house, to a model of the white house.8. Strongholds are caves that have ended portals in them. To find one, kill a bunch of endermen, and get a lot of ended eyes. Throw the ended ees in the air and if it explodes go in that direction and throw another one until you get to a place where it lands on the ground. Dig down until you hit a cave like structure. Activate the end portal by filling up the rest of the slots with your remaining ender eyes.9. Go on minecraft wiki, enchantment tables. To make them I know you need obsidian, and a book (possibly more). I don’t play on Xbox, so I’m sorry I can’t answer if u can enchant. I’m pretty sure u would be able to though, as it is a pretty big part of the game. You would have to work up the xp and try until u get that same enchantment.10. I use normal most of the time. I like the idea of the monster fighting, and I also use it to get a lot of xp for good enchantments. Just remember that if you are playing in normal (or any difficulty besides peaceful) that if you are about to die or something, just change difficulty to peaceful, and all of the monsters will disappear. Yes if things explode, they can blow up ur stuff.I thought single player was fun until I got bored of it. You might want to try multiplayer! I have a server that’s pretty good. The ip is:

How do you repair tools on Minecraft.

I’m new to Minecraft.I know that you use an anvil to repair tools and whatnot but I don’t know how to use it or what you’re supposed to do.Do you?

When you use the anvil to repair, you need another of that tool, or in the case of armor, what the armor is made out of (iron ingots, leather, ect)You simply put the tool/weapon/armor piece into the first slot, and the item in which you want to use to repair the tool/weapon/armor piece into the second.Now, this will cost Levels. As you see, when you kill things, smelt things, cook things or mine certain things you get XP, and as you gain that you can use it to either Enchant items on an Enchanting table, repair items in an Anvil, or enchant items using Enchanted book in an anvil.You can also rename items in an anvil, which increases the amount of levels it costs to repair the item (you can do that seperately later if you wish.Repairing is really only worth it if you’re using diamond or a tool with a very good enchantment and re-naming is only good if you find it fun (Like I do with my blade of Eternal Murder, or my Malicious Victor).Also, another method to repair UNENCHANTED ITEMS ONLY is to put two directly next to eachother in one of the two crafting interfaces. (via inventory or crafting table).Keep in mind, doing the second method of repair with a crafting interface will make all enchantments null, so this is only worth it to conserve space with unenchanted tools/weapons/armor.I hope this helped, and have fun building and murdering away 😀

On minecraft how do you enchant your sword to get the looting enchantment.

I don’t know a lot about enchantments and I heard about the looting enchantment where the mob you kill with it would drop more than normal. I need it to get orbs from endermen quicker. (Btw my level is 26)

It’s randomly generated, the enchantment that you get, but I think there are books you can find in dungeons and stuff that say the type of enchants they can put on your weapons

How do you enchant your diamond pickaxe on Minecraft.

You know how when you have your book and everything then you go and enchantment with the enchantment table and then you have number and a bunch or unreadable symbols (I’m kinda new to Minecraft by the way).I wanted to make my Diamond Pickaxe more effective so when I mine obsidian it takes faster and I have no…

You want to use the efficiency enchantment. Enchant a few books until you have one with efficiency, and then use that book with a pickaxe in an anvil. Make sure you have enough xp though. Good luck 🙂

Question about minecraft and enchantment books.

So i’ve been playing minecraft for awhile now, and I never learned how to use enchantment books. I have about 20 of them. Can you tell me the step by step process of using them and anything else related to that? All answers are appreciated, thanks.

1. You enchant a book as you would enchant a sword, armor, pickaxe etc.2. Using an Anvil you combine the enchanted book with a sword, armor pickaxe etc. by placing the sword/armor etc. in the left slot and place the book in the right.You can combine the books with pretty much any item in the game. I just made a dragon egg with Aqua Affinity and Knockback 2 and a stone with Knockback 2.Combining the item and the book will consume the book.You can also combine two items or two books to make a more powerful enchantment(s).

Minecraft enchanting book.

Soo, i play survival with couple of my friends, and i enchanted lv30 sword nd got Fire aspect 2 and smite 4.Then i enchanted a couple of lv30 bookd, and got on them sharpnes 3 and unbreaking 3.But for some reason when i put this fire+smite sword on anvil and add (lets say) book with sharpness 3, end sword in…

You can’t have both sharpness and smite on a sword without hacking it.

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  1. make a few books and simply enchant them untill one gets the efficencey enchantment. then make an anvil and put the pickaxe in the first slot and the book in the other one 🙂

  2. 30 2 layers formed like this BBBBB — not something B——B E is allure table B–E–B B is bookshelf B——B BB–BB Please observe that it is the MAX format and the only thank you to get point 50 enchantments

  3. The best way to do it is so simply enchant with 30 points (the maximum, you’ll need bookshelves around the table to achieve high level enchantments). When you do that you are pretty much 100% to get both Efficiency lvl 3 and Unbreaking lvl 3 (sometimes lvl 4 on either) as well as sometimes getting another enchantment. Ideally you want to do this with every diamond tool you get, they make them last way longer and perform far better.

  4. i think you need to get a ton of xp from the mobs to enchant the diamnd sword to a level and then get level 20–21

  5. you may desire to make bookcases and placed the surounding the attraction table.. the greater bookcases the better the attraction.. however the bookcases must be one million block faraway from the table or it wont take consequence for superb enchantments make a 4x4x2 sq. with the table in the middle

  6. Type /enchant (username) (encantment id ps if you don’t know look it up) (enchantment level) uses no xp and if you have cheets off press esc press option open lan than turn cheets on and save

  7. Well, sir, the numbers are how many xp levels you need to enchant. The higher the number the better enchantment! Put bookshelves around your enchanting table for better enchantments.

  8. the best way to repair your items free is to make another one and put both of the same tools in the crafting section please keep in mind that you will lose enchantments but will repair the item the anvil however will not make the enchantment go away another thing to consider about the anvil would you rather keep the enchantment and lose points or make a fresh one and try something different

  9. the recipe for an anvil is three iron bars on the top, one in the middle and three iron blocks on the bottom.

  10. It dosent actually matter which one you pick, the enchantment(s) you get are random, though you will get better or less common enchantments by using more points. the symbols mean nothing, only the number is relevant. You can use the book option described by Scott until you get an efficiency, the enchantment you get can then be copied onto the pick at an anvil, but that cost more points than its worth in my opinion.

  11. I know that you use an anvil to repair tools and whatnot but I don’t know how to use it or what you’re supposed to do.

  12. 5.1 It’s a glitch in the game. They will fix it, BTW I play minecraft too and maybe starting a youtube channel on minecraft vids, u seem cool, email me [email protected] or Skype adam220adam. THanks.

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