How To Make Books For Kids

How to write a book for kids.

I have to do a science assignment which involves writing a book about rocks and its cycle to 2nd-3rd graders. My teacher will read it to little kids and see what they think. I need to know how to make it spontaneous, creative and great enough to get an A. Any ideas on what I should do?

make it funny. name rocks funny names like Juno the indignous rockim guessing “indignoius’ it s been awile

Websites or books for kids that show how to make Lego projects.

I’m looking for either a book on how to build things with Legos (for about a 6-8 year old)…. Or a website where I can print different projects. Thanks!!

My kids have downloaded pdf files right from the Lego website. Used books free shipping

I want to make Disney World Autograph books for my kids. Any suggestions on how to do this.

I was thinking more of a scrapbook type autograph book. Cork board front and back and card stock inside.

I made my daughter 2 of her own books for under $5 last august and they turned out so good Chip and Dale tried to take it from her, lol.All i did was buy the autograph books (spiral bound) from the dollar store and covered them with disney fabric, then i embellished parts of the cover (like the bubbles on the ariel one) with things like gems and glitter.To finish i took multi-colored soft knitting yarn, the ones with the fringe and tied tons of them on the binding.and it turned out so well that all her friends want one now.

A How to… Book.

So I need an idea to make a How to… book.It had to be a worst case scenario though.Like how to get out of something like for example.How to avoid Grammy kisses, or How to stay up later then your curfew. Stuff like that, for little kids.

Look at the series of books “****** for Dummies” and make something like that. Use some silly illustrations, change up the fonts for headings, special notes/ideas, etc.Sounds like fun. Or, maybe format it like one of those smaller books – like 2″ x 3″ that are by the check out register in the book store?Be sure to look thru the new “Dangerous Book for Boys” so you do NOT copy anything from there. You don’t want your work stopped by a lawsuit before you’re even done.

government book for kids.

i have to make a government book for kids about the 3 branches what should the theme be?!?

Please read and study the Constitution of the United States of America and make the most accurate and meaningful book for kids you possibly can create. You could very well have an opportunity of a lifetime if you do accurate and truthful research. Your book could very well be published and your future could be made through your creation. If it were adopted as a standard school book for the entire public school system just think how important you will become for the rest of your life.Opportunity is knocking on your door and you can do it. Do the very best you can. We have faith in your ability that you can get this job done well.

How to write a book for kids.

I have to do a science assignment which involves writing a book about rocks and its cycle to 2nd-3rd graders. My teacher will read it to little kids and see what they think. I need to know how to make it spontaneous, creative and great enough to get an A. Any ideas on what I should do?

Not an idea really, but make sure you don’t talk down to the kids in a preaching “I am an adult you are children and thus below me” kind of way. Have a narrating voice that level with them and could be either in the form of a child or even the object that you are discussing(rocks?).

how to make money for a kid…

So it’s winter and like 20 degrees out and I want to make money for varies reasons. I am doing some babysitting so that’s fun but really just for friends and friends family. I don’t wanna shovel snow because, who would!? My mom and dad won’t give me money for helping around the house so please,…

How to save the money you have: Stay away from cigarettes & drugs! quit drinking/buying sodas & alcohol & drink water instead, use spiral bulbs instead of normal bulbs, watch movies on putlocker or youtube instead of buying or renting them, when you buy a car buy a small efficient one instead of a truck or SUV.How to make some money: Recycle cans & other metals at places that pay you. If you have any unwanted books or DVDs sell them to Half Priced Books. If you have any unwanted gold or silver sell it to Cash4gold. When you walk by vending machines look in the coin slots for coins. You could also have a garage sale.I hope that spreading my frugal information will make my world a better place.Because theres a conspiracy against me to delete all my frugal answers, Id like to let everyone know this does not violate any rules. If it does then please message me & tell me how to change my answer.

How to make bathtime fun for kids.

My girlfriend and I aren’t expecting, but when we do have our own little one, we’re going to split the bathtime duties. We need some things that would make bathtime fun for kids. I know the obvious things are let them have water safe toys, like rubber duckies and things like that in the tub with them, we…

You could read a book to them while they have a bath, you could also buy bubble bath for kids like ones that smell good like strawberries, or vanilla. Buy a toy boat and you could play races with them, for example they put the boat at the end of the tub, than nudge it and see if it reaches the other end of the bath tub.You could also buy bath slime which makes bath time super fun. Bubble blowers are a really good idea. You could sing songs to them. Have fun.

How to make money fast for kids.

Alright, so I saw other answers.. But none quite fit what I’m looking for.I’m wanting money for Sony Vegas Pro 9.0… Which is $600 for the new version.. So I want it from eBay, around $500 instead.I can sell my PSP and iPod which will get me AROUND $200, and I have this thing I don’t want.. maybe…

My boys are trying to earn money, too. they make $160.00 in a yard sale last weekend. They offered to clean out our garage if they could have the stuff we didn’t want to sell in the yard sale. They made the same offer for the attic, and have a whole new pile of stuff to sell this weekend.Stuff to sell:rusty old worn out tools, like screw drivers and hammers, one dollar a pieceAll the old clothes that don’t fit and are waiting to go to good will – 50 cents a pieceused furniture that will never get back into the house, anyway – $10.00 to $25.000mom’s already read books – 50 cents eachappliances in the attic that were used once and never touched again, like the microwave potato chip cooker and the mini food chopper, and the ice cream machine that is too much trouble to use…$4 to 5 dollars for the cheap little stuff and $10.00 to 20.00 for the bigger stuffold cell phones and chargers ten bucksetc etc etcjust everything that no one wants.And I don’t know how old you are, but maybe mow the lawn for the neighboror help with grocery bags at the supermarket parking lot (if they allow that in your town)

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  2. Gather all of the ideas including the ones you have written, and add some crazy fonts and colors, and wonderful illustrations, and you have a how-to book, my friend!!

  3. I am making one right now! I bought a Bo Bunny 3 ring binder. It has a hard cover and hard pages to make it easy for the characters to sign. I am giving the bigger characters (Mickey, Minnie, Pooh, etc) each 2 pages. I decorated them with paper and embellishments putting a white piece down for the characters to sign. My goal is to put a small picture of my son with the character after our vacation. If you would like let me know and I can send you some pictures of the few pages I have done. Because this is a heavier duty book it will be a great keepsake, too.

  4. I like your idea for the cork board outsides. I suggest buying 6X6 or 9X9 sheet protectors for post bound albums and then buy posts. You can try Close To My Heart protectors (they saved my scrapbook pages from the soot of a house fire!) and they sell the posts seperately as well. Their 6X6 protectors have two holes and their 9X9 have three holes; I prefer the 9X9 size it is big enough to add pictures, journaling, accents, (autographs) and still easy enough for my 3 and 5 year olds to hold and look at.

  5. I am not sure how you would bind the one you are talking about unless you could get holes punched the same throughout the whole thing then tie ribbons through them. Then with that use Disney ribbons.there are maximum of recommendation on a thank you to make bathtime exciting that are no longer very costly. on the dollar Tree right here in massive apple they sell magic drugs. they appear like a great gel cap yet interior are sponge creatures. once you place them in the bathtub the gelcap melts and the sponge opens up into each style of distinctive creatures. My daughter used to love me to fill the bathtub with water and bubbles and then throw 5-6 into the water whilst she waited in her room then while she have been given into the bathtub she would seek for them. Granted the suprise is a one time factor they’re exciting to play with returned and returned. Plus they arrive in a %. of 18 and in basic terms value $a million. I additionally got here upon a internet site with great techniques that are decrease priced too. verify it out!

  6. You can use Mr. Bubbles and sing to them while you give them a bath and maybe play the rubber duckie song during bath time. I think that might make bath time very fun for kids

  7. get a creative memories 7 x 7 album and at least 1 set of extra refills to take with you in-case you have more than 15 autographs (1 on each side of the pages that come with). use the white pages for the autographs. get autographs on the front and back of each page (make sure you use your acid free markers) for the signatures.It’s easy for the characters to lean on and it’s very sturdy. Take a picture of your child with the character and when you get home you will be able to add the pictures on a clean white page with your personal decorations right next to the autograph. One suggestion I have and learned by accident is keep your autograph book, refills and pens, no matter what type you use in a sealed plastic bag (ziploc) , it rains everyday in Disney for a few minutes and if it gets wet, it’s ruined. It rained so hard everything in my backpack got SOAKED, everything except my autograph book because I kept it in the ziploc bag.It’s really not that big of a deal? Most kids don’t have a huge problem with bath time. Toys and bubbles pretty much take care of it.

  8. Mowing lawns. My kids are 8 10 and 12 and they earn money by mowing lawns. I go with them so I know who they are working for and where and also to help set a price. They make good money at this also my daughter the 10 year old paints peoples nails for people my wife knows.

  9. This is a strange thing to be concerned about if you don’t have kids/aren’t expecting a baby.

  10. Well I wrote a How to Procrastinate paper, though that’s probably a little out of your age range. How to avoid/escape strangers?

  11. using a mix of bath paints and a blacklight but there are three or four great ideas on the same site!

  12. Bath paints are always super fun! If you do get bubble bath, make sure they’re not allergic to it. However, if they are, they make a special kind for kids with sensitive skin 🙂 Wish you the best!

  13. Just remember they are going to be doing a lot of the opening and closing during autographs. Hope that helps a little.

  14. Then just redecorate the front of the book with something Disney. Stickers would be easy but if you are looking for a way to go cheaper I don’t know because everything Disney is more $$.This shows your staggering immaturity and idyllic view of what it’s like for two unmarried people to have a baby. Bath time is the LEAST of your worries. Stop fantasizing.

  15. I suggest just using acid-free stationary and then cutting and pasting and adding pictures afterwards that way you can place the pages in sheet protectors.If you have any old paper Disney movie cases you could use those for the

  16. Even if you don’t have a Cricut you could buy the die-cuts or use Disney themed stickers to get the same effect. Have fun on your trip!

  17. Well you could buy some toys for your kids to let them play around, or you could bring pots and pans up and let them pretend like they are cooking . I used to do that . Hope this helped

  18. With my daughter when she was like 6 years old, I made her a book with a bunch of pictures of Disney characters and forged all their autographs on them. My then-wife noticed that Goofy and Mickey Mouse had the same handwriting and interrogated me about it…turns out that sorta thing is frowned upon! She ended up telling our daughter right on her birthday and then left me! LOL My daughter was just never the same after that towards me….she still won’t return my calls, she’s 25 now. Boy oh boy. Anyway, the moral of the story is: Forging autographs=bad…but it’s a good way to get rid of nagging wives. :o) Good luck fella!

  19. I would go buy a small notebook with big ring binding (I’ve seen them at dollar stores even) because when you go to Disney they are going to be doing a lot of page turning when they get the autographs.

  20. Umm, you don’t really HAVE to BUY it. I got mine for free and i bet everyone else can get it for free. Just download the trial for it and then you have to download a keygen. there’s a vid somewhere in utube where it gives u the download for the keygen. It really works. :]

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