How Much Are Archie Comic Books Worth

How much are comic books worth now a days.

Okay…I have some old Archie Comic books. I want to make some extra cash, so I want to sell them on ebay or something. How much can I make? I have a lot of recent ones, and a few OLLD ones…? Anyone a comic book expert?

look here.

how much is my comic books worth.

April Wolverine anniversary event The 100th issue no.100The Punisher meets Archie Aug 1The Silver Surfer 100 giant sized anniversary Jan.Bishop Jan 2 all new xmen limited seriesThe new Spider Man 2099 19 MayThe Spectacular Spider Man is dying ! 219 DecWolverine vs SpidermanGhost Rider 2099 1 May…

Somebody might do you a favour and give you ten bucks for the lot.

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How much are these comics worth.

i have 10 tarzan marvel comics! Tarzan lord of the jungle. I have 1 called life with Archie and 1 called sub-mariner. I have 1 called adventures of superman when he was a teen, Superboy and 1 of the amazing adventures of superman. Have one called kamandi, the last boy on earth and another called yang and my last…

It really depends on precisely which comics you have. For example, “1 called Life with Archie.” Which issue? #1? #257?Use to find the comics’ current value. Condition is very important, can make the difference between a $1 book and a $200 book. Use to determine condition.”Worth” is a relative term: a comic book is only worth what someone will pay you for it. If you sell to a comic book shop they’ll give you maybe 20-30% of the “value” and then try to resell it at the price you looked up. If you sell it at a garage sale people are looking for bargains: you sell for more than the comic book shop would pay you but less than they’d charge someone buying, you both win.

I have archie comic books and dolls and i am looking for a online price guide to see how much they are worth..

i do not want to have to pay for any memberships to access price guides

I don’t know about a price guide for the dolls, but I use the one below for pricing my comics.

how much would this archie comic book be worth today.

I was at my grandmothers house about 1 year ago, she had an attic with a bunch of antique stuff left behind from the previous owners I found an Archie comic book that was dated 1958. How much do you think i could sell it for?

Depends on the issue and the condition of the issue, but you probably can’t get much for it. A quick search on eBay show that many Archie-related comics have a Buy It Now price for $5-$10, but some are as cheap as $1.

How much are these comic books worth.

My mom found all these old comic books in our basement and shes curious about how much they’re worth. if you have any idea please let me know. thanks in advance! they are:JesusArchie (a lot of these)JugheadWoody WoodpeckerCasperDonald and Mickey

Hello ,The price depends upon the condition of the comics , issue numbers and collectibility . You can , by comparison , price your comics by typing in the issue(s) at the sites below and see what they are being sold for ;^,,^=

What are the values of these comic books..

How much is and Archie comic book from 1966 worth? What about a Josie from ’66, or a Tippy Teen from ’66?

Archie comics are not worth very much unless you have some of the originals from the 1940s. They probably are not worth more than a few dollars a piece. The same goes for Josie and Tippy Teen. If they are issue #1 they will be worth something, but otherwise, just a few dollars.

How much are my comic books worth.

I have 28 comic books from the early to late 1980s and was wondering how I can find out what they are worth. Some of them are like #2 in a series, most are Marvel, and some are Archie Series. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Chances are not anything. Supply is high and demand is low, making them not valuable. A few books are in demand, and therefore more valuable than average.Look them up at Anything listed at $5 or less is basically worthless, you’d find them in a comic shop’s dollar or quarter bin.Condition is important, use

how much are 70s archie comic books worth.

Depends on quality/condition and how rare the issues are.

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27 thoughts on “How Much Are Archie Comic Books Worth

  1. According to my calculations they are worth… 385,974,279,738,518,683 in Mexican pesos. Which in U.S dollars is about… 15 dollars.

  2. whether it extremely is fifteen cents, take it to a comedian save or broking wonderful away. i spotted that each and one and all those old comics won’t be interior the hot Wizard books anymore. i think of that a broking might want that can assist you. At comedian shops there are twelve cent comics from the Nineteen Sixties which could be interior the comparable variety of costs. Steve

  3. I was at my grandmothers house about 1 year ago, she had an attic with a bunch of antique stuff left behind from the previous owners I found an Archie comic book that was dated 1958. How much do you think i could sell it for?

  4. They probably are not worth much. Almost nothing that came from Marvel in the late 1980’s is worth much or in demand. Nothing Marvel printed in the late 1980’s is scarce and most of it remains in near-mint condition.

  5. Archie comics from the 1950s usually are on sale anywhere from $50-more than 1000 depending on the condition of it…archie comics from teh 40s are the most valuable though – some go up for about $35000

  6. I suggest you check overstreet price guide to see their value, after you know their value you can sell it on ebay

  7. David is right about 80s & up comics, the exception being limited edition prints or special editions of popular issues. As far as I know, the Archie comics that sell best are older issues of Sonic & pre Y2K issues of Sabrina because they’re no long on back order. There’s also a question of condition; if you’ve kept them sealed in polybags & they have no creases or finger prints on them, that would get you the most.I would try to find an item on ebay similar in condition to your own.

  8. If it is fifteen cents, take it to a comic shop or dealer right away. I noticed that all those old comics may not be in the new Wizard books anymore. I think that a dealer could assist you. At comic shops there are twelve cent comics from the sixties that may be in the same range of prices. Steve

  9. Go to a comic book store and ask them it is all about condition and how rare they are. My guess is that they are worth very little and you should look up similar comics on ebay before you spend the money on gas to get them apprized.

  10. If there is a comic book store that you go to regularly, you can ask them. You could also go to your city library and look your comic books up in their copy of “The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide”. Most city libraries keep a copy in their uncirculated department.

  11. Yes, so at your grandmothers house just have at a bunch. It’s always been that way and it chances are will always stay that way, too

  12. RE:thir prices are a little on the conservative side though. you can look for free but if you want to catalgue more the 20 books you have to pay, but you can look up as many books aas you want for free…..i’ll tell you right now though unless they are old and in good shape they are not worth much

  13. Age is a factor and so is Issue Number, but what really matters when it comes to value is the content of the issue. “Did something really important and long lasting occur in this book?”, “Did an important character first appear in this book?” These are the types of questions that matter.

  14. I don’t know about the Archie books, they had lower print runs. There is less demand for back issues, though.

  15. If you’ll take any amount of cash at all, dump them off at the nearest used book store. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, go onto fan forums for Archie series & advertise what you’re selling. Don;t use eBay; they will charge you a fee that would make the amount of cash you got not worth it.

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