How Much Can You Make Selling Books On Amazon

How can I make and sell an ebook.

I’m not looking to get rich fast and I don’t have my own website. I’m looking for one place where I can both create and sell a book I’ve written.

There are now print on demand services that can make one book at a time with nice binding, etc. this expands the possibilities, you can sell through Amazon, a physical book can have an ISBN# which apparently cost you.Don’t expect to get rich, unless you mangage to write the next Harry Potter, actually I heard of a woman writing a small fantasy series that she is making a living with.People self publish eBooks in digital download form and have affiliates help market it through, a 50% commission is commonplace, sales volume make up for paying so much for traffic, these are often overpriced “how to” titles.

Have you ever sold a book on Amazon.

I am thinking of selling a few books of mine that I don’t read on Amazon, but I do not know how safe it is or anything. And I don’t have a credit crd so I don’t know .. :S

Take them to a used bookstore near your house. You can usually either sell them or trade them for store credit. If you really want to sell online you should try ebay; it’s much cheaper than Amazon. Last I checked Amazon charged some sort of monthly fee that makes it unprofitable unless you’re selling in bulk.Ebay charges a few cents per listing, you can decide how much you want to charge for shipping–unlike Amazon’s automatic $3.99–and you can tell people you’ll only accept money orders or checks if you don’t have a paypal account (although you should get one; it makes everything really easy). Religious books free

realistically, how much can you make from a flipped property.

in southern California. make more money with a foreclosed property? do you basically have to buy a foreclosure cash?

How much you will make varies a lot. If you just sell a contract to buy (wholesale the deal) you would make less than if you completed the purchase and then did some minor cosmetic work.How much cash you need to tie up also varies. Getting an option to buy and then selling the option could mean you have very little tied up. Some folks can time a deal very closely so you have almost nothing tied up.What you will make varies a lot. Some folks will not even consider a deal unless they believe they will make $50K. Others are happy if they can make $10K.William Bronchick has a good book on the topic of flipping. Amazon will have it.

How do you buy something on Amazon.

ok so i want to buy a textbook on Amazon but its selling for less than a dollar used from pretty much every seller why is it so cheap when this book cost $ 100 + at my schools bookstore? Is this normal for amazon ?? thanks

First, to be a member, you have to sign up to be a member. After that it is pretty straight forward: just click on the item that you want to buy and follow the instructions.It is very common to find items so cheap on amazon. I think one reason is that they just want to get rid of them. It does also depend on whether it is pre-owned or new. If it is pre-owned then you should check the the condition of the book; it is very possible for it to be in bad condition. I would suggest buying the cheapest new book, just in case the pre-owned books are not in very good condition.Hope this helps!

How do i sell stuff on amazon.

i dont know how to sell my stuff on amazon. how much does it cost to sell something? can someone just give me a walk through or something?

It is quite easy to put your stuff on Amazon. First regester as a merchant. It will cost about $29 a month to sell on their site but they do not take any selling fees nor do they charge you to list your items like Ebay. Once you have registered as a merchant use their form to list your items and upload photos. Be sure to be accurate about the condition of the items you are going to sell and make sure you get your shipping right so you don’t lose money there. If you are selling books it is even easier. They will automatically handle the postage for you at media mail rates. It’s cool and I did very well selling books on Amazon.

Selling books on Amazon.

So last week i thought i would get rid of some of my old books and sell them on amazon. Then i find out some people are selling their books for 1 cent. Well amazon give a 3.99 shipping credit minus their fees so i figure they are making money on the shipping. So I do the math and it costs 2.13 for media mail, 18…

Interesting. I hadn’t done the math before, but you’re right, it doesn’t make sense. The only thing that would make sense if if Devil’s theory above is true, then I could see why people would sell for a penny.If you’re interested in getting rid of your old books, you might try this site I recently found out about (link below). It’s a book, dvd, etc. trading site. You won’t make any money from it, but you can get rid of your old books and maybe find some good new ones.

How can you self publish a book and sell it on Amazon. Any idea how much this process would cost.

Thank You

Your best bet is to use It offers a variety of ways to get your work in book/electronic format and up in places like Amazon.There is a free way, which involves using Lulu’s label on the spine of the book. You get an ISBN, but you have little control over the exterior of the book. Also, there is a lot of talk about books published this way not being “in stock” on Amazon even though they are technically always in stock (Lulu is a print-on-demand self-publishing service).The other way is to pay for the distribution and get your own personal ISBN, with your “publishing name” on the side (whatever you wanted it to be). This way can cost you about $100 for the ISBN and distribution rights for Amazon and typically, once approved for it, there are few problems. $100 is just for the U.S. though. You have to pay for different distribution packages for difference parts of the world (Canada, UK, etc.). It’s something like $100 for each different general location (and they don’t sell everywhere, obviously, because Amazon isn’t everywhere, yet).Lulu is generally pretty good. They have a lot of different book shapes and sizes (hardback and softback). Other ones you could look into are Createspace, iUniverse, Xlibris, Outskirts Press, Wheatmark, AuthorHouse, and there’s one more run by Amazon that I can’t remember. They all have different policies. Some charge a lot of money, others do not. You’d do best to check them all out individually to figure out which is best for you. I personally think doing Lulu or one of the Amazon-run ones is best because it’s cheap and the quality isn’t necessarily less.Typically, if you want to have a few hundred books printed, it would be pretty much impossible to get it on Amazon. Granted, if you had an ISBN, it might be doable, but to be honest, you’d be better going through one of the POD companies than trying to do it on your own. You’ll have enough stress trying to promote and sell your book to make a little money and get it out there. Just pay attention to what you’re paying for. Always READ everything these companies say. There’s always fine print. They’re in this to make money too, remember, and sometimes that means taking advantage of people who don’t know any better.

selling books on

so i literally have about 300 hundred books in my house that i am interested in selling. i know a ton of people who sell books on amazon. I have never tried to sell anything online before. Is the money worth the time? what all do i do?

It can be. Some books are so common you’ll end up selling them for 1c. You can still make a little money off of those though because amaozon charges a fixed rate for postage. If you send your book by media post you can sometimes make a dollar or so from even those.That fixed rate postage is the reason anyone can sell books at 1c and still not be out of pocket.Before you sign up for anything take a look at the titles you’ve got and check how much they’re going for on Amazon. Most second-hand books aren’t worth much, but now and then you may find one that isn’t listed, or only by a few sellers, and those are worth a little more.

how much money can you make a month selling kindle books.

also barnes and nobles, and other free platforms all together.

“Selling”? I hope you don’t mean making those 99 cent ebooks where you take stuff from Wikipedia or some other source, change the wording here & there, and throw them up on line for 99 cents. So many people have done this that a lot of buyers have gotten wise to the scam & now avoid 99 cent ebooks altogther.I think what you’re talking about is just SPAM, and anyway, Amazon will delete those shortly after you “publish” them. They can even close your account & ban you I think. Please, we’re trying to create & sell quality content on Amazon & B&N, not trash, you know?

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  1. Depends on the books, most books probably won’t be worth the time. However, any school textbooks are worth it.

  2. The book has to be designed–what font, how many pages, margins, etc. You need a cover. You need a copyright, as well as an ISBN. How is anyone going to know the book exists? What about marketing? What about sales? Suppose a library wants to buy it–can you deal with purchase orders?

  3. Just a guess…Customers might buy multiple books, figuring that since it’s only a penny and they have to pay for shipping anyway, they might as well get more than one. If sellers get a shipping credit for each item sold, and can ship multiple items together, that might work out to be profitable?

  4. From my experience books are always more cheaper on Amazon than in any other school bookstore.You _can_ make a huge amount.

  5. If you’re a college student they offer you some great deals like 6 month free 2-Day shipping on most items.

  6. *Also some sellers try to hide the true price of some items by attaching the real price to the shipping and handling fees.

  7. In order to order from Amazon you have to have and account with them.To actually have it printed and bound? That’s pretty pricey. (My husband works in publishing production.)[DELDUP()]

  8. i might in no way pay to get revealed. a valid/mainstream writer pays YOU. besides the incontrovertible fact that this is a annoying industry. there are a number of motives why the variety of writer won’t have the skill to place you below settlement. a million) Your manuscript would not greater healthy their modern desires, 2) you probably did no longer question them right, or 3) you are able to no longer write. The record is going on and on. we could face it, very few 14 3 hundred and sixty 5 days olds ever get revealed (no longer counting e-publishing or self-publishing). you’re youthful and as your writing improves, so will your skill to pitch your manuscript. do exactly no longer provide up!!! besides the incontrovertible fact that, in case you prefer to bypass with a vanity press and self-post, you will additionally ought to invest money and time to industry your e book. good success!!

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