How Many Princess Diaries Books Are There

how many princess diaries books are out.

when i was younger i loved them and had them and my mom put them on my ipod because i was to young to physically read them (i couldnt really read…..i was 6) now i am 13 and about to finish breaking dawn, so i want a good book to read after it. i was wondering how many books are out, and the names. also arnt the…

The series finished with 10 books, and they are:01) Princess Diaries02) Princess in the Spotlight03) Princess in Love04) Princess in Waiting05) Princess in Pink06) Princess in Training07) Party Princess08) Princess on the Brink09) Forever Princess10) Princess MiaThere are side-stories in between, but you don’t really have to read them.The other books like “Princess Takes Two” and “Sixational” are the titles of the books published in the UK, I think. They’re the same, though.

How many princess diaries books are there.

How many of meg cabot The princess diaries are there?And links to sites were i can buy them allAnd english sites please

Too many Download books for free

How many Princess Diaries books are there. Want 10 points.

I’m on because my library does not have all of them, but it looks like there are half volumes! if you could tell me how many versions there are, and the titles,…

12 plus 3 companion books, 15 in all:Vol I: Princess DiariesVol II: Princess in the SpotlightVol III: Princess in LoveVol IV: Princess in WaitingVol IV and a Half: Project PrincessVol V: Princess in PinkVol VI: Princess in TrainingVol VI and a Half: The Princess PresentVol VII: Party PrincessVol VII and a Half: Sweet Sixteen PrincessVol VII and 3/4ths: Valentine PrincessVolume VIII: Princess on the BrinkCompanion BooksPrincess Lessons: A Princess Diaries BookHoliday Princess: A Princess Diaries BookPerfect Princess : A Princess Diaries Book

How may Princess Diaries Books Are There.

How many books of the series “The Princess Diaries” are there? Available in Ireland?

There are ten books. I’m almost positive they would be available in Ireland.

How many The Princess Diaries books are there.

I have:The Princess DiariesThe Princess Diaries: Take TwoThe Princess Diaries: Third Time LuckyThe Princess Diaries: Mia Goes FourthThe Princess Diaries: Give Me FiveThe Princess Diaries: SixsationalThe Princess Diaries: Seventh HeavenThe Princess Diaries: After EightIs there a ninth book? If…

yea theres a ninth book as well as a tenth book.The ninth book is: TO THE NINES or PRINCES MIAThe tenth book is: FOREVER PRINCESSalthough the tenth book hasnt come out yet. it due to release in either dec. 2008 or jan 2009.the ninth is pretty much about how mia is coping with the loss of michael as well as lilly. and how she also come across a 400 year old mystery concerning genovia. there is also a big change in mia’s and lana’s relationship.even though the tenth one hasnt come out, i’ve found some info on it….There will be 21 months between this book and the previous one. It will be set in the last couple of weeks of Mia’s Senior Year.Michael will have returned from Japan.Mia will be in a romantic relationship at the end of the book. Presumably, with J.P. or Michael.A secret, possibly excusing Lilly’s past behaviour, will be revealed.The fate of Genovia will be decided.All (relevant) characters will know which college they are going to. Most of them will be at Ivy Leagues.Nearly every character has a secret motivation that Mia is unaware of. These will be revealed.The time lost between the ninth and tenth book will be available to readers in PD10. Mia will describe what happened during all that time.There will also be an accompanying text found in the adult fiction section of the bookstore, which will be written by one of the characters, though it will not mention any other characters from the PD series.hope this has answered your ques.! and anyone is free to ask me about ANY questions regarding books of meg cabot

How many Princess Diaries books will there be.

I heard that there will be only ten, but wasn’t there going to be 16 books? I read that on Meg Cabot’s website. I’m sort of upset that there will only be ten. Although 10 books is actually a lot…

There are 10 books now, but given the fact that there are two Disney movies, there may be enough book sales that the publisher will be willing to buy more Princess Diaries books. If you want more books, buy book ten and tell all your friends to buy it too. Publishers base the decision to buy the next book almost entirely on the sales of the previous one.Meg is writing other things now — have you read the Heather Wells series? You’ve got to love a book title like “Size 12 Is Not Fat.” I also like her Mediator series. But if a publisher offers her enough money, she’ll probably be willing to write more Princess Diaries books.

How many Princess Diaries Books Are there.

According to Fantastic Fiction… there are 12:1. The Princess Diaries: Volume I (2000)2. Princess in the Spotlight: Volume II (2001)aka Take Two3. Princess in Love: Volume III (2001)aka Third Time Lucky4. Princess in Waiting: Volume IV (2002)aka Mia Goes Fourth4.5 Project Princess: Volume IV and a half (2003)5. Princess in Pink: Volume V (2003)aka Give Me Five6. Princess in Training: Volume VI (2004)aka Sixsational6.5 The Princess Present: Volume VI and a half (2004)7. Party Princess: Volume VII (2006)aka Seventh Heaven7.5 Sweet Sixteen Princess: Volume VII and a half (2006)8. Princess On the Brink: Volume VIII (2007)aka After Eight9. Princess Mia (2008)aka To the NinesPlus there are 9 companion books:Guide to Life (2003)Princess Lessons (2003)The Secret Princess Diaries (2003)Mia’s Christmas (2004)Perfect Princess (2004)Princess Files (2004)Guide to Christmas (2005)Holiday Princess (2005)Valentine Princess (2006)I hope that helps.

How many princess diaries books are there.

no spoilers please!

There are 17 books-14 at actually deal with the story and the other three are just sidebar ones.1.Princess Diaries2.Princess in the Spotlight3.Princess in Love4.Princess in Waiting4 1/2. Project Princess5.Princess in Pink6.Princess in Training6 1/2. The Princess Present7.Party Princess7 1/2. Sweet Sixteen Princess7 3/4. Valentine Princess8.Princess on the Brink9.Princess Mia10.Forever PrincessHope this helped :]

exactly how many princess diaries books are there.

and who’s the author?

there are 14.The Princess Diaries, October 2000Volume II: Princess in the Spotlight, June 2001Volume III: Princess in Love, March 2002Volume IV: Princess in Waiting, April 2003Volume IV and 1/2: Project Princess, August 2003Volume V: Princess in Pink, March 2004Volume VI: Princess in Training, March 2005Volume VI and 1/2: The Princess Present, October 2005Volume VII: Party Princess, March 2006Volume VII and 1/2: Sweet Sixteen Princess, May 2006Volume VII and 3/4: Valentine Princess, December 2006Volume VIII: Princess on the Brink, January 2007Volume IX: Princess Mia, December 26, 2007Volume X: Forever Princess, January 2009

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  1. you at the instant are not loopy! i became into dumb-struck when I observed the action pictures after analyzing the books. It became into loopy! the sole issues that stayed a similar became into the main tale line, how a woman properly-knownshows out she’s honestly a princess. i are not getting why they replaced the plot plenty, even though it wasn’t that undesirable. the action pictures have been good. And the books have been good too, so i’m not complaining.

  2. Four and a half is Project Princess10.Sweet Sixteen Princesswe should put it on a computer it what be easier to Cary.

  3. There are 8 volumes out by now, and 2 more is coming up.The tenth book comes out in January. In order these are all the books:

  4. Easy to use links that will help with all your research needs, try typing a keyword or two into the search engine and see what happens.

  5. Six and half is the Princess PresentVolume VIII: Princess on the Brink, January 2007Eight is Princess on the BrinkVolume X: Forever Princess, January 20091. Princess Diaries

  6. Volume VII and 1/2: Sweet Sixteen Princess, May 2006Heh – Hollywood. First they throw out the characters, keeping the plot and the title. Then they throw out the plot and bring in a new one, keeping only the title. Then, more often than not, they end up changing the title too. The problem is this: in order to make money, movies have to appeal to a much wider range of people than books do. The only time they get it right is when they’re dealing with a huge existing audience who would rise up in powerful protest if they stuffed up the story. e.g. Harry Potter & Lord of the Rings.

  7. The Princess Diaries, October 2000There are at least 2. I would guess 3 or 4. Google the author for the results of the books!!

  8. is probably the best place to purchase these books, shipping is free if you purchase more than $25 worth of merchandise.

  9. only 10 books b cuz on the last book mia will graduate and meg wanted 2 end the book kinda at high school, she said it on her websiteSweet sixteen Princess (vii.5)5. Project Princess

  10. i dont think theres a ninth book, i’ve read up to after eight and never seen a newer one. it might be coming though, unless there is one

  11. Definetely with J.P! J.P is so sweet, and Micheal is just annoying. Sorry, I just don’t like Micheal! J.P is sweet and actually has feelings for Mia!! I’m wondering what Lily’s secret is!! 🙂

  12. Princess in the SpotlightVolume IV: Princess in Waiting, April 2003There are currently 14 volumes in The Princess Diaries series include:2. Princess in the Spotlight

  13. You are NOT crazy! I was dumb-struck when I saw the movies after reading the books. It was crazy! The only things that stayed the same was the main story line, how a girl finds out she’s actually a princess. I don’t get why they changed the plot so much, but it wasn’t that bad. The movies were good. And the books were good too, so I’m not complaining.

  14. 12. Princess on the Brinkthere’s a nineth one and i heard there’s going to be tenth one and that will be the last one.

  15. Nine is Princess MiaVolume V: Princess in Pink, March 2004Volume VI: Princess in Training, March 2005

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