How To Delete Kindle Books From Iphone

Getting a NookColor. Please answer my questions.

Okay, so I’m getting this Nook Color for Christmas and I can’t wait! I just wanted to know if there was any secrets to it. Is it true that it can hold songs? And that you can trade books between other people? And, do you have to pay for the games as well for itt? Please answer me? Thanks!

Hi, FieldHockey’sMyLIfe, here’s a couple of pointers, you might want to print this one.- When you walk in with the Nook to Barnes & Noble store, you’re allowed to read any available eBook for free while in the store via free provided in the store Wi-Fi.- Nook allows for lending Nook books for two weeks to friends and family or share with your other devices that run B&N app (PC, MAC, Android phones, Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad, etc.)- Nook (unlike Kindle) can be used for library ebooks – see below how to do it.First you need to get Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software (free from Adobe site).1. Once you have checked out a title from your local library, download it to your computer. Once you hit the download button, the file that you will be prompted to download is a “.acsm” file.2. Click open and the file will open up in ADE and refresh your library with new content. The title will display the amount of days you have left in the loan period. You can also save the .acsm file to your PC and open the file in ADE.3. Go to the library view. Drag the title to the “NOOK” icon.4. Undock the NOOK from your computer.5. In the Library, open My Documents.6. The title should be available to be read for the period of time specified by the library.Also, here’s the longer step-by-step I found on in the forums:Setup ADE on your computerOpen ADE and the “Setup Assistant” will be displayedClick “Continue”The “Authorize Computer” box will displayEnter your Adobe account informationClick “Activate”Click “Finish”Authorize ADE on your NookConnect the Nook to your computer via the USB cableOpen ADEADE should “see” the Nook and the “Device Setup Assistant” box should appear.Click “Authorize Device”If ADE does not “see” the Nook, try the following steps.Go to “My Computer” (or the equivalent on your PC or Mac) and click on the Nook drive.Find and delete the “.adobe-digital-editions file.Close ADERestart ADEYour Nook should now be visible to ADE, if notGo back to the Nook driveFind the “Digital Editions” file and delete itClose ADERestart ADENook will be visibleClick “Authorize Device”Downloading eBooksThis is not a standard download like you have seen or used in the past, this download is an .acsm link.After you purchase or borrow your book, click the download link or boxYou should be asked if you want to open (do NOT choose to “save” the book) in “digital editions” click yes, if you are given the option to ALWAYS open the .acsm link in this program, choose yes or put the checkmark in the box.ADE will open and your book will be downloaded into ADEIf you do not have the option to always use ADE to download the following steps will allow you to opt in for thisFor Windows:Go to Start–>Control Panel–>Default Programs–>Associate a file type or protocol with a programThe “Associate a file type or protocol” window will pop up.Under the “Extensions” heading, select ‘.acsm’ and click the “Change program…” button.The “Open With” dialog box is displayed.Click the “Browse…” button.A second “’Open With” dialog box is displayed.Browse to ‘C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Digital Editions and select ‘digitaleditions.exe’.Click “Open”. Adobe Digital Editions is now set to open ACSM files automaticallyFor a MacControl-click the ‘urllink.acsm’ file and select ‘Get Info’.The ‘urllink.acsm Info’ window is displayed.Expand the ‘Open with:’ section and click ‘Other…’.A list of programs is displayed.Select ‘Adobe Digital Editions’.Check the ‘Always Open With’ checkbox.Click the ‘Add’ button.Close the ‘urllink.acsm Info’ window.Adobe Digital Editions is now set to open ACSM files.How Do I Get the Book on my Nook?Once everything is downloaded, installed and authorized, this is the easy part! Just “grab” the book (that you have previously purchased or borrowed and downloaded into ADE) you want to copy to your Nook, drag it over to the “Nook” (on the left hand side of ADE) and drop it in!To transfer your files (like videos in mpeg4 format, etc), connect your Nook or NOOK Color to a computer (using the NOOKcolor microUSB cable). Your NOOKcolor will appear on your computer as a removable drive. Just click on the file on your computer and copy it (drag-and-drop) to the appropriate NOOKcolor folder.All of your personal photos, images and videos can be found in “my files” located in your NOOKcolor library. 1) Tap on “library”; 2) Tap on “my files”. There are many folders within “my files” to store multimedia content: Pictures, Videos, etc. These files may also be accessed through the Gallery found in under Extras from the Home Screen.

Ipod Touch, Ebooks question…

I have a few questions about Ebooks that I might get on my Ipod touch.-First off what is the better app: the kindle one, or the barnes and nobles one? In terms of Price of books and quality.-Second, are you able to Re-download any ebooks you have already downloaded. Ex: Just say I downloaded Bram…

I’ll say the Kindle App, because there are more selections and books for the Kindle are cheaper:, I don’t recommend to use iPhone / iPod Touch for reading, if you plan to use it for reading quite a lot, because the screen is too small and it is not designed for reading. And since it has backlight, it will hurt your eyes if you read on it for long hours. Just imagine you are reading all the words and paragraph by paragraph on computer screen for a long time, it definitely isn’t good to our eyes.The Kindle uses eInk, and it simulate reading experience of reading books. You can read for long hours and you won’t feel tired.I recommend you to read this review from a top reviewer and book lover. See how she says: is also a good review here talking about Kindle and iPhone (similar applies to iPod Touch): this helps.

Read free romance books online without downloading

Has anyone tried the KINDLE or any digital book type things.

If so, what do you think about it? I want one..but dang…they are just shy of $400 and the books online cost $10 and up. I can buy used books for less or go to the librarly..however..I really want to clear up my room…the books take up sooo much room..and I also don’t have time to go to the library always.

I have a first gen Kindle and I love it.It is a little pricey, but as you said, the digital price compared to new books is much cheaper (I got the entire collected works of Shakespeare with special commentary for $3.99, it was the equivalent of about 1300 printed pages). And new books average about $10 to their $15-25 print counterparts. Granted, used books may be cheaper, but new stuff won’t be available right away, and libraries are free, but don’t let you keep the content.In addition to that, though, as you said, it reduces clutter. My device, with an extra memory card, can hold more than 3,000 books. How many shelves of space is that? And neither the size, nor space of the device changes. (how heavy are 3000 books?) This means that my entire library is portable.I used to travel a lot for work, so I used that convenience of having all those books as the justification for the expense. I have to go on a plane…what book do I bring to read? Heck, I can bring them all!(My wife and I flew somewhere last year and I had my Kindle. She laughed at me when they made me turn it off during take-off, but then she finished her book a third of the way into the flight and I mocked her by constantly deciding to read a different book the rest of the flight, because I had tons of material to read.)It also allows you to download new books in seconds. I could download the collected works of Twain faster than you could walk from the front door of the store to the Fiction section and find the compilation, much less check out, drive to and from the store, etc. And I can do it anywhere there is a cell phone signal.You can look up words right in the flow of the book page itself witht he built in dictionary. You can bookmark, highlight, and take notes in the book with the annotation tool. you can also then spit those notes out as a comprehensive PDF document (something you cannot do with margin notes in a printed book) or delete the notes and highlights at a later date (ever try to unhighlight a printed book?)You can also use it to keep up with blogs, magazines, and newspaper subscriptions. It holds audiobook files (I think the new one will even just text read the book file), you can change the text size on the fly, and it will autopage save when you put it down (no more broken book spines or lost places).It is not for everything. It does not do color, margin elements, and some books you just want to be able to write in, but it does do basic, straight fiction formatting beautifully and I love mine.I’ve heard people say the above “buy an iPhone instead” line, but I don’t like that option personally. The kindle screen is 3 times bigger and that makes reading easier. Also, an iPhone costs what, at least half, if not more than half of a Kindle? And then you have to pay another $70 a month to use it. I paid $359 for my kindle. I priced an iPhone with the mandatory 2 year contract and it was more than $1450. I can buy a phone, an iPod, a Kindle, etc all for less than that. Plus, part of the point of a Kindle is that the screen is not backlit. While this means you cannot read in the dark, you can read in sunlight without glare, reflection, or fading. It also provides less eye strain than a lit screen.

Is there a way to lock the Kindle reader on iPad.

I have some books which are not suitable for children (apocalypse/murder/violence) and I don’t want my young cousins to play around with my iPad and get into something unsuitable. I also don’t want to de-register it (which will delete all the books on there) or jailbreak it. If there is an app which creates…

I don’t think so.There is a a “Guided Access” feature with the current iOS to lock an iPad to ONE app – so you could lock it to the one thing your want to let them play or use. People wish for a way to restrict a child’s access to one folder of apps.……You could delete any particularly non-age-appropriate books and later resend those to your iPad’s Kindle reader with the Manage Your Kindle page at Amazon (assuming you got the books at Amazon).Personally I don’t think apocalyptic/horror etc is a problem – not much different from cartoons (except for the cursing that might be in books). They will probably be more interested in games.But I would definitely use the built in iPad parental settings to turn off installing and deleting apps and anything else you don’t want them doing.…


How do I delete a book from the Kindle app for Android(cell phone, wirelesz).

Ugh, android won’t let me see the whole category listLet’s try this. Cell phone, cellphone.

Try panda PC SUITE.PC Suite fully supports mobile phones on the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile platforms. As long as you have PC Suite, massive resources are free to can use pc suite to manage your phone (apps ringtones)http://android.pandaapp.comAnd go to the download page,I think you can find anything (games&apps) you want. ALL FOR FREE!

My fiance downloaded some books from his kindle fire to my Iphone I want to delete them how can I do this.

plug your iPhone into your computer, and open it on to iTunes. On the left hand side, your phone should be under ‘DEVICES’, click/double-click your phone until a list shows underneath, then click/double-click on books, and delete them.

How to delete a book from iPhone kindle app.

In iTunes?

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  1. I have Kindle 2 and I love it. No glitches so far at all. I’ve read several books since I got it a few weeks ago, and it has performed flawlessly. They used a technology for the screen which makes the feel of reading very much like reading a book. Plus I can store all my favorite books into this single device, and carry them along with me no matter I go anywhere.

  2. Many books are free (public domain books). The $9.99 price refers to NY Times best sellers. Books range in price from .01 to $6,000. A lot of the novels that I buy are around $4 – $5. It is very rare for a Kindle book to be more than a print book. If you buy primarily used books, you may not get much of a savings with Kindle books, but it is so much more convenient. You can carry your entire library around with you. You can search your entire library in minutes – or seconds if you only have 100 or so books.

  3. Books make your sentence structure, reading level, spelling, vocabulary, and generally are usually more educational than T.V.

  4. the fee of the e book is charged on your Amazon account. The minutes used and the different telephone call quotes may well be on your telephone invoice (for occasion in case you pay in line with call, or via the minute, or via quantity of archives transferred)

  5. I own Kindle 2 and I really like the convenience and time savings it brought to me. Do you read a lot? Kindle books are cheaper than the actual books, and there has been an estimation that on average if you purchase 70 Kindle books, the money you saved on actual books already covers the price of the Kindle device. You can check price of some Kindle books bestsellers here:

  6. hi in case you acquire a kindle for iphone this is to assert you may take exhilaration on your amazon books on iphone or you may study your kindle books on iphone, yet once you desire to do the oppsite issues, this is to assert study books bought to your iphone on kindle, that’s impossible!

  7. I’d say buy an Iphone, and you can download kindle onto the iphone for free. You still have to pay for the books, but it’d be the kindle, cell phone, internet, and ipod all in one. 🙂

  8. iTouch isn’t and iPod touch. people are beginning as much as be to be lazy and labeling the iPod touch the “iTouch”. So, oftentimes you could say that the ‘ghetto’ lazy term iTouch is the iPod touch. it is like having an MP3 participant from Samsung or Sony and calling it an iPod.

  9. On average I read 4 -5 books a full week. But if there is something excellent on TV then I will watch it

  10. Now whenever I want to utilize my time, I just need to bring the light weight device with me and I can read or “listen” to books like I’m on shuttle bus or waiting for somebody. I suggest you to read some review before making up your decision. Here is a good one:

  11. I’ll say the best place to check is the actual customer review from Amazon. There are plenty information out there and you should be able to make up your decision.

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