How To Place Books On A Bookshelf

Math Help, On a bookshelf are 4….

On a bookshelf are 4 volumes of a dictionary standing side by side. The cover are .25 inches thick and the pages are 3 inches thick. If a worm bore through his way from page 1 volume 1 to the final page of the volume 4, how many inches will the worm have traveled?

7.5 inchesFront cover of volume 1 = .25Back cover of volume 2 = .25Pages of volume 2 = 3Front cover of volume 2 = .25Back cover of volume 3 = .25Pages of volume 3 = 3Front cover of volume 3 = .25Back cover of volume 4 = .252*3 + 6*.25 = 7.5The trick in this question is realizing that the front of volume 1 is on the right hand side, adjacent to the back of volume 2. That’s how books arranged on a bookshelf upright would be.Now if the volumes are placed on the shelf backwards, with 4 on the left and 1 on the right – or with volume 1 on the left but all of them upside-down – that’s when you get the 13.5 answer. But that would be silly.

how do i store a lot of books and keep them on hand when the house doesnt seem to welcome bookshelves.

There’s not a ton of room and all bookshelves wind up making the place look cluttered.

If you don’t have an extra dresser or closet or cupboard space, just put them in a large plastic storage box somewhere out of sight. Do you have space on top of your kitchen cupboards?You can get wooden tables with storage in them or ottoman with storage. Also there are those wooden chests that look nice. How to get free audible books without credit card

Help with a permutation question.

4 identical mathematics book and 3 identical physics book are placed in a row on a bookshelf. Five of the books are to be used. How many different arrangements are possible?

Possible choices:4 math and 1 physics [(4 C 4) * (3 C 1) = 3]or3 math and 2 physics [(4 C 3) * (3 C 2) = 12]or2 math and 3 physics [(4 C 2) * (3 C 3) = 6]total ways to choose 5 books: 21cat

How to get my book published and on bookshelves.

I’ve recently self published a book with xlibris publishing, but i want to know how to go about finding a publisher and getting my book in stores instead of just available is my books website by xlibris:

Obey YOG’S LAW: “Money flows TOWARD the writer.”This means NEVER pay to get published or to enter contests or pay a fee-charging agent. NEVER. Obey Yog’s Law and you won’t get ripped off.Go to a bookstore. Find books like yours. Look inside the front pages to get the publishers’ websites. Follow their submission guidelines to the letter.Look up websites of writers with work similar to your own. See if they mention who reps for them. A short polite mail asking if they can recommend an agent is not out of place. Do not tell them about your book, that’s seen as poor manners.Go to the 808 section of your library which has all the books on writing. They will help you steer clear of the rips.Writer’s Market 2010 will be in the reference section. It lists all the commercial publishers and what they’re looking for.This site is a SAFE writer’s board run by pros. It is free and they can help you stay clear of the sharks in the publishing pool. don’t start shopping your book around until you’ve gotten solid feedback on it first. AW has a Share Your Work forum where other writers can give constructive crits.Feedback, beta readers, polished, and re-polished, a book has to be the best you can make it before you send it out. I thought my first was ready, but two years of rejections and rewrites taught me better.(It did sell, I landed a multi-book contract.)But you can’t be in a hurry, or assume you’ll get paid a fortune. The Brenda Hiatt link below will give you a general idea about book advances. Always assume you will get the lowest number. You’ll be the newbie on the block. It takes time to work up to getting the real money.STAY AWAY FROM PUBLISHAMERICA. They are the BIGGEST ripoff site of them all. They say they’re free and don’t want your money, but that is a LIE. You end up buying overpriced copies of your own book!They will not put your book into a store–but lie and say that you are supposed to do that. Most writers submit their book, and whether it is good or horrible, it’s quickly “accepted,” (they take everything!) and then you never hear from the poor writer again. Your rights are tied up for seven years!Just google “publish America” + “scam” and find all the writers who got ripped off by them. They are what is called a “print mill.” you don’t want anything to do with them. They ruin lives and careers.If any publisher or agent advertises on Google, it will only lead to a scammer or a vanity house. A real publisher or agent doesn’t advertise!Get Strunk and White’s ELEMENTS OF STYLE. All writers have that book and use it.Again–the 808 books at the library will help you on all this!Helpful sites for writers:…… just because you’ve finished a book doesn’t mean it’s commercially viable. Pro writers finish a book and start writing another. It keeps your head from exploding while you’re waiting to hear back from agents and editors!See you on Absolute Write! ;>)

Can someone please help me solve this math problem.

Five books are to be placed on a bookshelf. If all 5 books are placed on the shelf, in how many different ways can the books be placed?

Assuming each book is different the question becomes a permutation question which in this case the answer is 5!. Since you can place one of the five books first, then one of four, one of three, one of two, and the last one hence it is 5*4*3*2*1 = 5! = 120

Can someone please help me solve this math problem.

Five books are to be placed on a bookshelf. If all 5 books are placed on the shelf, in how many different ways can the books be placed?

How many combinations of 5 books? That is the same question.Hint: It has to do with factorials.If you care about the order then it is a permutation.

a bookshelf could hold 12 books. how many books can be placed on 8/1/2 shelve.

how do we solve this problem?

102 books if thats what your asking,could you put a little more detail to your question please?

how to make a bookshelf.

Can anyone instuct me on how to make a small 3 shelf bookshelf?

I would recomend purchasing 1/2 x 12″ pine or other hardwood planking. Make sure that your planks are not warped and that they are not too green (wet). Put the planks on the floor of the hardware store and inspect for bowing and damages. The length will depend on how tall and wide you will want your shelf to be. The basic components will be your upright sides, your backing, and your shelves. Other matierials will depend on how involved you want your project to be and how strong you need your shelves.Decide on a height you want for your book case to be and how wide. Cut your two upright planks to the length you need, and then do the same with your shelve pieces. Decide how much space you want between shelves and mark these distances on your uprights. you could make all shelves the same distances, but often there will be slightly taller spaces between shelves near the bottom, as heavier and larger items are often kept there. Also… a top self can rest on top or inside of the uprights, you decide. If your shelf is taller than your head, I recomend going inside. If your self is shorter than your head and you can look down at the top shelf, go on top. If you go on top you will need to cut the top shelf longer than the lower shelves (1″ if you are using 1/2″ thick planks, but you might want a little overhang for style).The bottom shelf should be elevated from the floor level about 2 – 4″. The small gap underneath that shelf can be easily filled with a piece cut to fit the height and width of the space, this is your “footer.” To make this footer flush with the front of the shelf you should notch out the front lower corners of the upright pieces to fit the footer piece. You should (but don’t have to) do this to the top rear and bottom rear corners of the uprights as well for side-to-side stability. The footer and rear stabilizers should be as long and the bookcase is wide (outside to outside).From here there are to ways to go.Way one (easier): To attach the shelves to the uprights you will need to nail/screw 1′ x 1/2″ x 2″ pieces to the insides of the uprights at the marks you determined your shelves to be at (I recomend small headed finishing nails). The shelves will rest (and should be fastened) on top of these pieces.Way two (nicer looking): using a router, notch the insides of the uprights 1/4″ deep slots at the marks you determined your shelves to be at. The ends of the shelves will slide into these slots and you will use wood glue to hold them in place. Clamp the glued joints securly for 1 – 2 days making sure to not sinch clamps down on the product itself, use scrap wood to protect the bookcase from maring.Make sure the shelves are level using a air bubble level and that they are 90 degrees to the uprights using a square. Make sure the uprights are 90 degrees to the floor also.Once you have your shelves in place, insert your footer and rear stabilizers and fasten them with nails/screws. At this point you could be done, but it would look nicer with backing and trim. Vertical toung-and-grove pine planks are great backing. They look nice and are easy to use. Nail/screw them on the back of the shelf, making sure to fasten each plank to each shelf. This not only looks nice, but also makes your shelf significantly more stable side-to-side. If you want a simpler, but not as nice, backing… use 1/4″ plywood or something similar.On the front of the shelf you could add trim along the front of the uprights and top shelf. This would hide the joints where the shelves meet the uprights. Use 1.5 – 2 ” trim. Cut the upper corners of it at 45 degree angles to fit flushly against eachother. Also make sure the trim is flush to the outside of the bookcase. Use finishing nails to attach the trim to the bookcase. Sink the nails using a punch and puddy over them.Sand the whole thing down with a coarse and then a finer grain sandpaper. Choose a stain you like, or paint (I recomend a stain in a natural wood tone). Use a brush to apply the stain and allow to penetrate the wood for a short bit. The longer you leave the stain ont the wood, the more of it the wood will absorb and the darker the tone. Wipe away excess stain with a clean rag. If you still want a darker tone at this point, reapply the stain. Let the stain dry for a day or two before applying a finish. I recomend a polyurethane finish to maintain a nice tone and to repel water stains and protect the wood. 2 coats will probably do it, but it yuo really like high gloss, keep going. Any surface that will have things like a vase, fish tank, beverage, etc set upon it shoud be well sealed and will probably need 3 – 4 coats.If your book case is tall, you should anchor it to the wall with a toggle bolt drilled into the wall and placed at a height just below the top shelf drilling a hole through the center of the top rear stabilizer. You should also consider this if you have small children around who might be hurt if the shelf were to fall, or if your shelf will hold very heavy or fragile things (like expensive art, fish tanks, gigantic hunks of metal, etc). Safety first!Now all that sounds like a lot of work, and it is. I’m sitting next to a shelf I built this very same way… it’s the nicest piece of furniture in my house. Good luck and have fun.

books on a bookshelf.

In a 10 digit number each digit is one of the digits 1 to 9. How many such numbers are there if one of the digitsoccurs exactly 4 times, another of the digits occurs exactly 3 times and there are no other repeats?

We start with 10 empty slots:First choose the 4 that will be the repeats of one of the digits.10C4 ways to do that, times 9 choices of digit to fill them.Now choose the 3 places where the other repeated digit will go:6C3 ways to do that (since now only 6 places remain open), times 8 choices of digit for that.Now there are 3 more places, with 7 * 6 * 5 ways to fill them in,so the answer is10C4 * 6C3 * 9 * 8 * 7 * 6 * 5 = 63504000which is about 1.75% of the 9^10 = 3.486 billion general numbersif there are no restrictions on repetition.Or you could say it is 10C4 * 6C3 * 9P5, permuting the 5 chosen digits in all ways.You could also choose the group of 3 first, since 10C4 * 6C3 = 10C3 * 7C4.

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  1. My hint would have lead to the answer1.5 in+12 in= 13.5 infirst book would be 3.25 inches, second 3.5 inches, third 3.5 and fourth 3.25By the way, I noticed your website and story and also have a character by the same name in my second novel, Jim’s Life. It’s a totally different perspective kind of story, but the character is also Christian Soldier. Maybe you should target areas of people with similar interests. Like church reading groups.find an agent. They’ll find your publisher for you and market your book.

  2. ok i’m not sure if this is the exact way to solve this problem, but i remember doing a problem just like that… so write down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 which represents all five books and then multiply those numbers and u’ll get 120 and that’ll be the answer

  3. The answer is as follows: .25+3+.25= 3.5 x4= 14 inches minus .25 for the first cover of the first volume and another .25 for the last cover not eaten in volume 4. Therefore, the answer is 13.5 inches or 13 1/2 inches.

  4. – Is the book selling well? If so that is a point for you. You can at least prove to a publisher that there is a market for you work.Good luck to you and keep going. Writing the book deserves congratulations, but selling it is just as much work until others start selling for you.

  5. You have to sell it. No one will do it for you unless you’re already a successful author or a celeb. Plus most people only read a book that’s been recommended, so you have to get at least a thousand people who read your book, liked it, and are now recommending it. Sorry for the wake up call. Have you heard the stories of people selling books from their car trunk etc before they made it big? It’s that way for a reason. The competition is intense so you have to do everything you can think of to make sales.Edit: OOPS someone beat me too it and with a stellar explanation to boot.

  6. Choose one closet in your house and dedicate it to books. Put additional shelves into it if necessary. That way they are available but not cluttering the look of the house.

  7. This might help.I gave you a hint before but you were too lazy to think; this shows you don’t even want to learn you just want answers.Each dictionary is 3.5 inches thick, as it has a front and back cover. Our worm eats through 2 of these completely for 7 inches. He also eats through 2 of them except for a cover (a front cover for Volume 1 and a back cover for Volume 4) or 3.25 inches. The total is then 13.5 inches.

  8. for the first place we can place any of the five books.7 1/2 inchesI don’t have a bookshelf, I keep my books in a drawer… but at my mom’s the bookshelf has books, random things like a flashlight, an ax, an empty candy box, business cards from someone she doesn’t know, 2 tons of dust and 63 little elephant figurines.

  9. In many cases the work isn’t well edited so that would be more money they have to invest in preparing the manuscript for re-distribution. Another problem is that your work is already available to the public. Why distribute something under their name that can already be purchased somewhere else?pages= 3 inIf you want fancier, you can probably afford to buy your own book shelf, or the thrift stores abound with them!

  10. 2x + 2y = 20 using the simultaneous technique 2x – 2y = 4 ____________ 4x = 24 ( divide by using 4) x = 6 substitute x in a single of the two equations 2x + 2y = 20 2 (6) + 2y = 20 12 +2y = 20 2y = 20 – 12 2y = 8 (divide by using 2) y = 4 answer : X = 6 , Y = 4

  11. 8-2=6I think you’re reading the wrong books… or hanging out in the wrong bookshop(s). There is no right way or wrong way for a novel to be structured. Readers are impatient these days, possibly because of the influence of television and movies, possibly because their lifestyles don’t allow long blocks of time for reading. They don’t want to read pages and pages before something actually happens. They might have half an hour every day to read something, say while commuting or while having lunch. The author feels they have to give the reader a reason to keep reading during that time, which is why modern books tend to be written in shorter chapters, with a cliffhanger or page-turner at the end of each one. The publishing industry, like most others these days, is run by bean counters and marketing drones. They’re all engaged in pissing contests to see who can sell the most copies, or who can spend the most weeks on the bestseller lists. To their way of thinking, it’s much better to have one book that sells a million copies than ten books that each sell 100,000. There are economies of scale, so the former doesn’t cost as much. Marketing people aren’t good at coming up with new ideas. Most of their thinking amounts to “My competitor did X and was successful. Therefore if I do X, I’ll be successful too.” But often they don’t understand what made X a success, and only copy the superficial similarities. And I’m rambling and missing the point, so I’ll shut up now.

  12. Please forgive me if I sound rude but I am being honest with you..8 covers= 8*.25in=2 inSO they can be placed in 120ways

  13. Write up a synopsis and query letter and send it out the publishers of your genre. If they are interested in your work they will let you know. Make sure you include the self-publishing information, this will make a difference to them.

  14. Most publishers won’t read self-published material. One of the reasons is due to the fact that the rights aren’t easily available for sale any longer. Many self-publishers have certain rights to the materials they publisher and a publisher may have to pay the self-publisher for those rights automatically costing them more to purchase your work than they might be willing to offer. One of the benefits for a publishing house is the right to distribute your work in order for them to make a it gives you 14 in7.5 inches, because you have to add it all up and then take away the length of one of the book covers but u have to remember that there are 2 covers in each book and PS im a 10 yr old girl and i say DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!

  15. once that is done for the second place we have only four and like wise for third fourth and fifth.that’s what i plan on doing =D

  16. Some wood, some screws, and a drill. Some panel for the back if you are wanting to be fancy, and some trim and wood glue if you want to be even fancier. If all you need is something basic, that is going to do it for you.120 ways(:

  17. Self-published books hardly ever get noticed by bookstores because of its non-returnable element. That is a common problem self-published authors face. However, you can opt for a bookstore returnability program. This way, you can be sure your book gets some space in bookshelves at the same time assure booksellers that your book is returnable.

  18. now, if you count JUST from page 1 of volume 1 to the final page of volume 4, there are 2 cover less=Just add them up

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