How Many Books Are There In The King James Bible

How many chapters are in the old testiment in the King James Bible.

There are 929 chapters, 39 books in the OT. The NT has 260 chapters, 27 books. 1189 chapters total – if you read 4 a day, you can read thru the Bible in a year!

How many misspellings are there in the bible.

The Bible’s books were written in different languages, and those languages might not have spelling as standardized as that of modern English. Even the form of English used in the King James Bible is not the same as that used today, for example, in the original 1611 version, the word for “fourteen” was spelled in two different ways, for typesetting purposes. It was spelled as foureteene and fourteene.Here’s a webpage that might be useful to you. It compares the text of the 1611 King James Bible to an updated version of it from 1769. You can see spelling, capitalization, errors, and other things that were changed.….

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How many verses are there in the bible.

Specifically, in the King James Version.How many verses are there in the Old Testament?How many verses are there in the New Testament?And combined?Bonus to anyone who lists how many there are in each book of the bible.But, please please make sure it’s about the King James Version.

how many pages are there in the king james version of the bible and the book of mormon combined.

don’t give that “there are so many versions of the bible that it’s physically impossible to know how many pages there are” BS. i gave a specific version, that’s enough specification in my opinion

531 pages for my Book Of Mormon. Plus 1590 pages for my version of the King James Version Of The Bible.So 531 + 1590 = 2121By the way yes it is true, there are so many versions of the Bible and The Book Of Mormon, because page sizes are different and so forth, so it is indeed impossible to have a standard number of pages for either volume, or a standard number of pages for both volumes when combined together.The Bible, The Book Of Mormon, The Doctrine And Covenants, and The Pearl Of Great Price are often combined into one (very) large book. And if this book is in large print, then you most certainly do not want to drop it on your big toe.But it is great reading material and it is a very spiritual thing to do to search the pages of a Quadruple Combination, because there are so many of Jesus Christ’s words contained in a Quadruple Combination, and the words of Jesus Christ are what can make anyone truly happy, if they are committed to trying to live Christ’s amazingly beautiful, and spirit healing, commandments.

how many word are there is the king james bible.

I found these interesting facts!BIBLE STATISTICS (King James Authorized):Number of books in the Bible: 66Chapters: 1,189Verses: 31,102Words: 783,137Letters: 3,116,480Number of promises given in the Bible: 1,260Commands: 6,468Predictions: over 8,000Fulfilled prophecy: 3,268 versesUnfulfilled prophecy: 3,140Number of questions: 3,294Longest name: Mahershalalhashbaz (Isaiah 8:1)Longest verse: Esther 8:9 (78 words)Shortest verse: John 11:35 (2 words: “Jesus wept”). This is the King James Bible. Some Bibles might be Job 3:2 (Job said.) but King James has that as “Job answered” which is longer than Jesus wept.Middle books: Micah and NahumMiddle verse: Psalm 103:2-3Middle chapter: Psalm 117Shortest chapter (by number of words): Psalm 117 (by number of words)Longest book: Psalms (150 chapters)Shortest book (by number of words): 3 JohnLongest chapter: Psalm 119 (176 verses)Number of times the word “God” appears: 4,094Number of times the word “Lord” appears: 6,781Number of different authors: 40Number of languages the Bible has been translated into: over 1,200

How many mistranslations are there in the King James Bible.

I’m having a big fight with my family because I said the King James Version is wrong. They say I’m sacrilegious but it’s been noted by numerous scholars that there are mistranslations in the KJV. What are some things where I can show them all the mistranslations? Thanks.

The problem is with your word “mistranslations.”The Bible isn’t mistranslated. You’re wrong. Now, that’s not sacrilegious, but such a statement is factually incorrect.There are questions about a very small portion of verses within the Bible. Newer translations (like the NIV) make different word choices for these sections, but a different choice of word doesn’t mean the original choice was wrong.There are also questions about a few passages of scripture that do not appear in older manuscripts that have since been found since the King James Version was translated. In the interest of accuracy, newer translations leave these questionable passages out.It must be noted that even with these discrepancies, there is far less than one percent of New Testament scripture that is questionable. More importantly, these passages contain ZERO doctrinal statements, so even if we simply throw out everything that is the least bit doubtful, there would be no change whatsoever to Christian doctrine.—–You’ve addressed some updated comments to me, but I confess I don’t understand them.As I indicated in my answer above, there are a couple of notable cases where early manuscripts may contain a phrase that it not found in later manuscripts. It is more likely that the questionable phrases were added at a later date, but it is also possible that they were omitted from earlier manuscripts. Regardless, as I indicated, these issues are extremely few and they are — in every single case — not doctrinal. They make no difference to Christian belief, whether they’re included or not.Now, I didn’t say the Bible was inerrant in my answer, so I’m not sure why you say this in your updated comments addressed to me. Nevertheless, I think you confuse the issues of translation and transmission.Translation is the process of taking a document — be it a will, a menu, a newspaper, or a Bible — and rendering it in a different language. This is as much art as it is science, though there are very specific rules and procedures for most translation efforts. There are a great many different translations of scripture, and though they vary in their wording, they do not vary in meaning. This is only logical.For instance, if you go to a restaurant and order a hamburger, that’s what you’ll get. If you order it from the Spanish menu, the word for hamburger is different, but you get the same result. If you order from the French menu, you shouldn’t suddenly expect to get the fish. The meaning of the wording is the same, even though the specific wording may vary.Transmission is different than translation. It seems to me that you may actually be worried about transmission.Transmission is the process of a document being written, copied, recopied, and recopied as its passed down through time. Archaeology shows us that we can absolutely trust the transmission of the Bible through time.So either way, you’re wrong. If you care about accuracy (and I think you do) then I think you need to investigate the subject a bit more before claiming outright that the Bible is erroneous.You might be interested in the book “The Case for Christ,” by Lee Strobel. In the book, Strobel gives a basic primer on many aspects of Christian belief. One of these is the transmission and translation of scripture.Now, the book is hardly the most detailed account of these issues, but it’s an easy read and is a great jumping off point to further study on the subject, as it contains references to other more detailed works on the subject.—–Oh. So you’re homosexual. I wish you’d indicated that that’s what this was about at the outset.Nevertheless, what you’re suggesting is that the translators of the King James (in 1611), the translators of the New American Standard Version, the translators of the New International Version (in 1973), William Darby, and dozens of others have all conspired against homosexuals in English, and others worldwide have done the same to persecute them needlessly in various other languages.Does that seem rational to you?It now appears I was incorrect. Your beef isn’t with transmission. And it’s not with translation. It’s with application.

How many words are there in the Bible (King James version).

There are a 774,746 total words in the holy book called The Bible. The Old Testament has 593,493 words and the New Testament has 181,253 words.SDA

How many pages are there in the King James Bible.

I’m going to read one page a day. I just wonder how long it will take me to finish it!

As others have mentioned, different editions of the Bible have a different number of pages – simply because of differences in type face size, page size, margin size, additional content, etc.*IF* you read slowly and carefully, then a 66-book Bible takes about 120 hours to read. So: if you read just 1/2 hour **every** day, you will finish the entire Bible in about 9 months. If you read 4 hours every day, you can finish in a single month!Again: this applies when you are reading *slowly and carefully* – as if you were studying for a test. If you read it casually, like you read a novel, you can finish the job in half the time or even less.- Jim,

how many books are there in the catholic bible.

i’m wondering. How many books are there in the Roman Catholic Bible. I’m writing a paper on the bible and i forgot how many books were in it.

Old Testament = 46 Books1. Genesis2. Exodus3. Leviticus4. Numbers5. Deuteronomy6. Joshua7. Judges8. Ruth9. 1 Samuel10. 2 Samuel11. 1 Kings12. 2 Kings13. 1 Chronicles14. 2 Chronicles15. Ezra16. Nehemiah17. Tobit18. Judith19. Esther20. 1 Maccabees21. 2 Maccabees22. Job23. Psalms24. Proverbs25. Ecclesiastes26. Song of Songs27. Wisdom28. Sirach29. Isaiah30. Jeremiah31. Lamentations32. Baruch33. Ezekiel34. Daniel35. Hosea36. Joel37. Amos38. Obadiah39. Jonah40. Micah41. Nahum42. Habakkuk43. Zephaniah44. Haggai45. Zechariah46. MalachiNew Testament = 27 Books1. Matthew2. Mark3. Luke4. John5. Acts6. Romans7. 1 Corinthians8. 2 Corinthians9. Galatians10. Ephesians11. Philippians12. Colossians13. 1 Thessalonians14. 2 Thessalonians15. 1 Timothy16. 2 Timothy17. Titus18. Philemon19. Hebrews20. James21. 1 Peter22. 2 Peter23. 1 John24. 2 John25. 3 John26. Jude27. Revelation46 + 27 = 73 Books total.With love in Christ.