How Many Books Are In The Bone Series

How many books in the Sword of Truth series.

So how many books are there? I know there is quite a few of the actual series. Then there are a few more that is about Richard and Kahlan in another time? How many of these? I think there is an E-book only as well?

Here are the Terry Goodkind novels listed in chronological order. Continue reading “How Many Books Are In The Bone Series”

How Many Dark Tower Books

What is the Dark Tower Series about. Also are IT, The Stand, and Desperation Dark Tower Books.

I have the Book Dark Tower 7 The Dark Tower and The Wind Through The Keyhole. I have never read any of the books, but I don’t understand how the series is tied into. The Front page of the Wind book has a list of Dark Tower related works, it shows titles like It, The Stand, and Despartion. Continue reading “How Many Dark Tower Books”

How Many Books Has Jodi Picoult Written

has anyone read 19 minutes by Jodi Picoult.

If so, what did you think of it? i read it and loved it

Jodi Picoult is generally a good storyteller. She does not let us down in her latest novel, Nineteen Minutes. This is solid writing and gives the reader one glimpse into the minds and lives of some young folks who wind up on the cutting room floor. Continue reading “How Many Books Has Jodi Picoult Written”

How Many Books Are In The Odd Thomas Series

Roughly how many books do you own. Do you keep them after you read them or pass them on to a friend.

ALOT. Although usually I read them and see if any of my friends would enjoy them and then if not i sell them to a used bookstore. Of course the growing pressure to be “COOL” is causing people to become more illiterate. Continue reading “How Many Books Are In The Odd Thomas Series”

How Many Dork Diaries Books Are There

can you recommend me some good books( read the description please.).

so i’ve been reading really good books lately and i wnat to read like more of these types of books like the hunger games and unwind. those books are really good but i can’t find books like those anymore. there in the sci-fi section but not like aliens and robots and stuff like that. Continue reading “How Many Dork Diaries Books Are There”